Christmas Is Coming!

Alliance workers in the Africa and North and Central Asia (NCA) regions reflect on the joys and challenges of ministry among tribes and people groups, many of whom have yet to know the Savior born Christmas morning.

North and Central Asia

Recently, we introduced the Christmas story to some of the Kazakh men we’re discipling. We read the first chapter of Matthew, in which 42 generations of Jesus’ earthly forefathers are listed. Our Kazakh brothers were amazed.

In Kazakh culture, recalling at least seven generations in the family is a fundamental sign of respect and identity. Many of the men in our discipleship group couldn’t recall theirs. Learning that Jesus knew each of his forefathers validates his character within their ancient, traditional culture.

This year we have the great privilege, mixed with genuine holiday cheer, of gathering with a handful of Kazakhs—whose forebears never heard of Jesus—to celebrate their very first Christmas!

“A strong response to The Alliance Year-End offering will help hundreds of Alliance workers extend Christ’s compassion to lost and hurting people throughout the world.”

—An Alliance worker in the NCA Region

Wodaabe men gathering for annual Gereewool festivitiesWest Africa

Having worked among the gospel-resistant Fulbe (also known as Fulani or Fula) people for many years, we have felt at times like those Old Testament saints who never witnessed Christmas in their lifetime. “These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised” (Hebrews 11:39).

Are we willing to give our time and talent here and yet not see the great movement of God among this people in our lifetime? I ask myself. By faith I respond, “Yes, Lord, I trust you for even this.”

We are beginning to see God opening hearts to hear His truth. He has delivered a neighbor from demonic oppression, healed a woman who was on the brink of death, and transformed a sullen and angry young man into one being remade into the image of Christ.

Please continue to pray for God to reveal His power through Christ to this people group. For now we say “Christmas is coming,” knowing that it will surely arrive in God’s perfect timing for many more Fulbe people.


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