The Law of Love

By an Alliance worker serving in East Asia

This month, many new believers around the world are celebrating Christmas for the first time—including Jack and his wife, Amy.* The couple came to Christ through a business operated by Alliance workers that offers English classes, tutoring, health education, and other services that have helped to build relationships in the community.

When Jack contacted our English department to inquire about individualized tutoring, he asked, “Can you answer my spiritual questions as well as teach me English?” He had heard about our business because one of our team members leads an English conversation club he attended.

law booksWe regularly pray that our students will be open to spiritual things, but Jack’s request wasn’t typical. A short-term volunteer from the United States was assigned to work with him. She shared that Jack had deep theological questions, and she frequently asked for prayer about their tutoring sessions.

Jack started attending a registered church that started 10 years ago with the help of Alliance funds and is now 2,000 members strong. He also joined a college- and career-age Bible study and a bilingual worship service.

Impressive Credentials

In time, I learned that Jack is an advisor to top government officials for the province and a partner for one of the most prestigious law firms in the city.

“Wow, God,” I thought, “you’ve brought a really influential person our way.” 

In one of our conversations, Jack shared that he was impressed with our business and highly respected our integrity. When he found out that we’ve had trouble with our government registration, he offered his services for free.

Jack’s questions and countenance changed over the months. He became more joyful and at ease when talking with our team. I thought he was already a Christian, but in his heart, he still had questions and hadn’t fully committed yet.

“An Opportunity for the Gospel”

Jack said he discovered his purpose in life: to share the gospel with lawyers and officials who are living empty, stressful lives and whose marriages and careers are falling apart. He invited me to give a seminar at his law firm. “I want this to be an opportunity for the gospel,” he said. “Afterward, lawyers will invite you to speak at their firms, too.”

I presented a conflict resolution seminar based on biblical truths, during which I was free to mention specific Scripture verses; 30 lawyers attended.

The Saturday before Easter, I received a text from Jack. He said he had knelt down in prayer the night before, telling God that he would give his life to Him if He provided an acceptance letter from a U.S. university to study there.

The next day, Jack received the letter. He gave his life to God in March 2013 and was baptized. His wife accepted the Lord 10 days later.

Jack has a big heart for his country and is eager to partner with us in the future to bring the gospel to his people.

Pray that Jack and Amy will be firmly rooted in Jesus. Amy was baptized on December 1 in the United States, where they are quite active in an Alliance church. They are in this country for a year of study and are spending their first Christmas as believers with me during my home assignment. It is a special time indeed!

* Names changed


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