Sold Out for Jesus

By Syna Lao, serving in Cambodia

Many new believers in Cambodia will celebrate their first Christmas this year. Among them is Thong, who was drawn to Christ through a soccer outreach at the Living Water Church in Poipet.

photo of ThongAt first, Thong joined the games in hopes of making a gambling win. Betting on sports events is common in Cambodia—and Thong was confident that his athletic skills would ensure him victory.

But there was something different about the Living Water soccer games—no one was betting. “What a waste of time,” Thong grumbled.

“Strange Behavior!”

But curiosity about the players kept him coming back. Hardly any foul language was used. In the rare instance that a player inadvertently shouted a curse word, the game suddenly stopped. After several moments of awkward silence, the guilty person stepped forward, apologized to the other players, and did five push-ups; only then could the games resume. “Such strange behavior!” Thong commented.

The warm welcome he received from the other players and the fellowship after the games also intrigued him. From the beginning, Thong felt included and accepted. His fascination with Christians led him to ask many questions. Finally, during a Sunday morning Bible study in July 2013, Thong gave his life to Jesus.

Since then, Thong has been faithful to come to services regularly and has attended every church event.  His new and exciting life inspires him to sing constant praises to God. Even with his off-key voice, Thong is not ashamed to join the worship team during Sunday services. He is currently studying a Living Water class with one of the church leaders.

Called to Serve

On December 10, Thong participated in a youth event. My husband, Soeuth, preached a message about the meaning of Christmas. Then he asked the young people, “What would you do for Christmas? What would you give back to Christ?”

Without hesitation, Thong stood up in front of nearly 200 people and boldly declared, “I commit to serve Jesus Christ for the rest of my life!”

Please keep Thong and other new believers in your prayers as they continue their walk with Jesus. Also, pray for the many Christmas programs planned throughout the end of December. Pray that each of these celebrations will truly bring honor to Christ.


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