Flooding Forces Indonesians to Evacuate

flooded street“Heavy rainstorms this month resulted in flooding in much of Jakarta and its suburbs,” reported Indonesia team leaders Jim and Sharon Kendall. Flood waters rose anywhere from a few inches to chest deep in homes and other buildings.

“More than 30,000 people have been evacuated; thousands more have endured flooded conditions,” the Kendalls added. “We are fortunate that the waters came only to our gate.”

One GKII (Alliance) church flooded three times in one week. “We’d clean the church, breathe a sigh of relief, and then the rain would fall again,” Pastor Nur said. “The water even came up through the floor drains!” As a result, Sunday services were canceled. Most of the members’ homes were also inundated.

“Flooding is a fact of life in this crowded area,” said Pastor Nur. “We know it will happen, and we deal with it when it does.”

In another GKII church, pastored by Rev. Paul Paksoal (president of the Indonesia Alliance national church), a group of Alliance youth have assisted those affected by the floods.

Being Light

“We believe that disasters are the right time for God’s children to show His light and love,” said the pastor’s son, David.

“Last year we helped many single mothers whose homes were submerged. That village left a big impression on our youth ministry team,” David said. “When we heard they were flooded again, we collected money and distributed food and clothing. One of our college students is studying medicine. She held a mini clinic for babies and children. The kids play in the flood water and end up with skin diseases, fevers, coughs, and colds. We see a need and are ready to help.”

What You Can Do


  • Pray for God’s help and provision for all who have been affected. Also, pray that they will turn to Jesus during this difficult time and that believers will continue to demonstrate His love.
  • Pray for our international workers in Indonesia and around the world, who often serve in challenging circumstances. Use the weekly Alliance Prayer Requests to assist you.


  • When you give to the Great Commission Fund (GCF), you partner with Alliance workers who are engaged in compassionate ministries that open doors to share the hope and healing only Christ offers.
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