Demons Flee

An Alliance worker, who serves with his family in a West African community where more than 99 percent of the population follows the majority religion, shared this recent report that illustrates the power of prayer in Jesus’ name.

Binta is our neighbor. She’s also served as a prostitute. Six adults—including her mom, three sisters, another woman, one man—and their six kids, all younger than four years of age, live with her in a three-bedroom, mud-brick house across the street.


One night around midnight recently, Binta was overwhelmed by demons. During the eight-hour manifestation she experienced an epileptic fit, cursed her sisters, burned her outdoor kitchen, and ransacked the house.

About 7:30 a.m. my daughter ran into our home and yelled, “Come quick! Binta’s manifesting a demon!” When I arrived on the scene, I had to step between Binta and her sisters. They had tied her up and were beating her with bricks and a bamboo stick. As my wife and I intervened in prayer for her deliverance, Binta untied her feet and bolted into the nearby woods. Several in the household followed her.

I pursued them on my bike, concerned that the demons wanted to drown Binta in the nearby river. Two woodcutters also ran after her; they were able to stop and hold her down before she got to the river.

Calling on Jesus

Because of the gift of faith from the Lord, my wife and I were able to pray over Binta for an hour during her manifestation. She finally found peace after calling out for Jesus’ help.

We prayed that she would initiate a second contact with us after that night; the other day when she visited us, we explained repentance to her. Binta told us that she knew what she was doing was bad and then dedicated her life to Christ on our front porch.

“When you sang ‘In the Name of Jesus We Have the Victory,’ the demons were afraid of you and made me run into the woods,” she told us. “When you had me say three times, ‘Jesus the Messiah, help me!’ the demons left and I was full of peace. My headaches are gone, too!”

It’s been a short time since that conversation with Binta. She’s now dressing more modestly. She also tells us that she prays constantly, is resisting temptation, and listens to the audio Bible readings on her phone. Please pray for her to grow in her faith.

What You Can Do


  • Praise God for Binta’s salvation. “Pray for her family” the author requests.
  • Join the Alliance family in interceding for our team in West Africa and worldwide. They serve in often challenging circumstances that require an extra measure of godly wisdom, boldness, and grace. Use the Alliance Weekly Prayer Requests to assist you.


  • Give to the Great Commission Fund (GCF) and partner with Alliance global workers who are pushing back the darkness as they introduce lost and hurting people to the light of Jesus.
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