Choosing the Kingdom of Light

The following was adapted from recent updates by Kandi Lay and Kate Manske, who serve in Cambodia. Kandi is an Alliance international worker, and Kate ministers with Compassion and Mercy Associates (CAMA), the relief and development arm of The Alliance.

A team member teaches from "Living Waters."

Members of the Alliance medical team first met Pu (Uncle) Long in November 2013. He visited the weekly clinic they run and was later diagnosed with inoperable sinus cancer.

Kate and her team of Cambodian staffers  visited Pu Long and his wife, Juntria, occasionally. When the couple showed an interest in the gospel, the workers gave them a Bible and a Christian songbook.

Because Pu Long was unable to work, Juntria left to seek employment in Thailand, taking their daughter, Lily. With no one to care for him, Pu Long often skipped meals.

Kate and her team continued to visit Pu Long. Seeking to demonstrate Christ’s love, they brought him food to cook. Sometimes, they prepared lunch and ate with him. Toward the end of each visit, they sang Cambodian hymns and studied Scripture together.

One day, Long wouldn’t answer his phone; for two weeks, the workers were unable to reach him.

“I was afraid he had died and there was no one to inform us,” said Kate. “As a team, we decided to go to his house to find out what happened.”

When the workers arrived, they saw a motorbike parked outside and clothes hanging on the line. Oh, no! Kate thought. Other people have moved into his house . . . he’s dead. 

The group soon learned that not only was Long  alive but also that Juntria and Lily had returned a few days earlier.

“We told Juntria that we now read the Bible and sing hymns during our visits,” said Kate, “and we asked if that was OK.” She agreed to join them.

“We like this,” said Long and Juntria. “We want to learn more.”

Kate’s team began teaching the couple, along with a neighboring youth, the “Living Waters” course, which presents the gospel in five lessons.

Earlier this month, Pu Long, Juntria, and their neighbor committed their lives to Christ.

The couple removed the alters and shrines from their home and burned them.

Long and his family then asked for help in removing the spirit altars and shrines from their house. On Saturday, July 5, Kate and Kandi—along with a follow-up team and leaders from the Andong Tmaa Mia Church—visited Pu Long.

After a time of singing, studying God’s Word, and praying, Pu Long’s wife cut the spirit strings from around her waist, and the couple removed the altars and shrines from their home. They burned all these items in front of their house and dedicated their home to Jesus.

Praise the Lord for new believers turning from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light. They are probably the only Christians in this village. They will be watched. They will be tested. Pray that they will continue to grow in their faith and stand firm in Jesus.

Photos courtesy of Kate Manske

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