Love Wins

“I have never had such joy and peace in my life since accepting Jesus as Lord,” says Dieudonne.

Dieudonne* (God given) gave his testimony in church last week. He recounted that he was once a faithful follower of the predominant religion in Burkina Faso and had no interest in Christianity.

Yet when it was time for him to attend high school, his parents sent him to a private Christian school, since more students from these institutions pass the difficult exit exam.

Dieudonne studied hard, but when he was scheduled to take religion classes or asked to attend Bible studies, he refused. “I was a devout follower of my family’s faith,” he said.

“You’re Going to Die”

But one night Dieudonne had a dream. (God speaks to many followers of the predominant religion here through vivid dreams, much like what we read in biblical accounts.) In his dream, which took place two days before the month-long annual holiday of his faith, Dieudonne was told he was going to die.

When Dieudonne awoke, he was convinced the dream was true, so he began to prepare for his death, making decisions about his burial and how his body would be handled. He also began saying his goodbyes to loved ones.

Word of Knowledge

During this time, Dieudonne went to see a friend, whose aunt lives in the home and is a believer. Though he’d told the aunt nothing about his dream, she asked Dieudonne what he was afraid of. “I’m not afraid of anything!” he replied.

She looked at him hard. “I know you are afraid and I want to help you,” she insisted.

When he told her his story, the woman took his hands and began to explain that God loved him and had a plan for his life. She assured Dieudonne she didn’t believe it was God telling him those things in his dream—it was the enemy, the father of lies.

God’s Love Woos

She shared about Jesus and the God of love. She told Dieudonne that God had such love for us that He sent His Son to suffer and die on a cross to pay the penalty of our sins, accepting the consequences Himself.

When he heard this wonderful story, the young man prayed to accept the Lord right there.

“My life has not been the same since,” he told the church. “I have never had such joy and peace in my life since accepting Jesus as Lord.”

When the annual religious holiday came and went, Dieudonne was still alive—inside and out!

At this time, when Dieudonne’s former faith is so much in the news and in our hearts and minds, this young man’s testimony is a good reminder of how we lead lost people to Christ—we pray, love, witness, and wait on God to do His work.

By Betty Arnold, who, with her husband, John, serves with Envision in Burkina Faso

*Name changed

Photo courtesy of Betty Arnold


  • “Dieudonne’s testimony got me thinking,” the author adds. “More than likely, teachers and students at his Christian high school were praying for this young man. Prayer is the most important behind-the-scenes ministry we have as believers.”
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