Christmas Greetings from Senegal

The Bills' Christmas nativity set

December is here! Temperatures have dropped to a brisk 63 degrees F—at least in the mornings. For the first time in months, socks, sweatpants, and scarfs are essential wardrobe items.

Cinnamon candles from our homeland now spice up the air, their yuletide scent masking the sewage stench wafting in through the windows. Our halls are decked with a small hand-me-down Christmas tree and our favorite African carved nativity set, complete with a Spanish baby Jesus figurine.

Horse carts “donned with jingling bells”

Christmas music streams from the laptop as I pull the first batch of Christmas cookies from the oven. Horse carts donned with jingling bells race down our cobblestoned street, mimicking the sound of sleigh rides.

All of this cheer tricks my mind into thinking the hundreds of voices and hustling footsteps in our crowded neighborhood are a joyous throng, readying to celebrate the birth of the King of Kings.

Then I hear it.

Drowning out our Christmas music is the roaring call to prayer—five times a day—reminding me of reality: the “throngs” outside won’t be celebrating Christmas. Most have no idea to whom the message of “peace on earth” or “joy to the world” refers.

That is why we’re here!

Please pray for us, our team, and the Body of local believers at Yoonu Njub Fellowship with whom we serve as we seek to extend His Kingdom in northwest Senegal.

Adapted from an article by Vicki, who, with her husband, Eric, is serving a two-year Alliance international apprenticeship in Senegal. Photos courtesy of the Bills.


  • “As our apprenticeship approaches its conclusion in the next few months, we are faced with many decisions,” the author adds. “We covet your prayers for direction.”
  • Join the Alliance family in praying for our Alliance workers in West Africa and worldwide, who are taking the good news to some of the most spiritually dark places on earth. Use the Alliance Prayer Requests to assist you.

Learn More

Read “Watering the Neighbor’s Garden,” an article in the October 2014 issue of Alliance Life magazine about innovative Yoonu Njub Fellowship outreaches with which Alliance workers partner.



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