Pray for Ferguson, Missouri

Pastor Mike Robinson of dEstiny Family Church, an Alliance congregation in St. Louis, was at the scene when two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, were shot and wounded early this morning. This was the latest eruption of violence arising from months of tension between African-Americans and the city’s predominantly white police force.

According to Reuters, the shots rang out as a rally at police headquarters was disbursing after the resignation of Police Chief Tom Jackson amid an indictment of racial bias from a U.S. Justice Department report.

“I was leaving our sister church, Bridge of Hope,” Mike said. “On my way home I stopped by the protest area right before the shooting started. So I was actually there—ducking when I heard the shots.”

Since last August, Mike and members of his congregation have been helping to promote peace and reconciliation following the shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer.

“I’ve done several interviews today, including one for CBS News, and am preparing for more tonight,” Mike added. A prayer vigil will be held at 8 p.m. central time.

Please intercede for Mike, his congregation, and the people of Ferguson during this tumultuous time. “Pray that through all of this, Christ will be glorified and that He will use me and the words of my mouth,” Mike said. “Pray for the right words to say—words that will not evoke anger in anyone, on any side, but will bring peace.”

To find out more about dEstiny’s ministry of reconciliation, read “The Wound of Racism” in the March/April issue of Alliance Life magazine.


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