Welcome to the Chit Chat Café!

The small room overflows with young mothers, wandering toddlers, and an occasional crying baby.

After singing children’s songs and playing games for about a half hour, the tired moms sit down to tea while the kids munch crackers—looking to escape their mothers’ laps to play again. Jill Kropp, an Alliance international worker to Japan, has her own preschooler and toddler in tow.

This is a typical Tuesday at the Chit Chat Café, where Jill meets with women every other week. “It isn’t actually a café,” Jill says. “It’s a group for young moms and their preschool children that my neighbor helped me to start last fall. She was interested in introducing her child to the English language and also wanted to learn about parenting.

“This is a wide-open door for me to plant seeds of truth in the lives of mothers,” Jill adds. “It’s kind of a crazy setting to teach in, but somehow God’s Spirit gets the job done!

“Please pray that God will reveal Himself to these women through my life and the Bible lessons that I prepare. Pray that attendees, including my neighbor, will understand the truth of God’s Word and decide to follow Jesus.”

—Based on an update by Alliance international workers Jill and Alan Kropp, who serve in Ishinomaki, Japan


Use the weekly Alliance Prayer Requests to join the Alliance family in interceding on behalf of our teams in West Africa and worldwide, who often serve in challenging circumstances that require Holy Spirit–inspired wisdom and creativity in communicating God’s love to those who don’t know Him.


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