Of Poets…and Prophets

Musicians and poets and artists are a great gift to us,” Dr. John Stumbo reminded the Alliance family Wednesday morning. “They help us be more honest—expressing ourselves, knowing ourselves, and facing “ourselves.”

Micah Bournes shares through the art of spoken word.

Thursday evening, spoken-word artist Micah Bournes delivered a poetic message that challenged listeners to open their minds and hearts to consider the journeys and perspectives of others in their worldview. “Who wants to be normal anyway?” he asked in “Normal Hair.” “I am made in the image of God and there is nothing normal about God. . . . No matter who you are—red, yellow, black, normal, or blue—there is something divine about you.”

Dr. David Hearn, Canadian C&MA President, shared "Deeper life with mission will lead to revolution."

Friday morning’s session featured moving insights from Dr. David Hearn, president of the C&MA in Canada. Dispensing with the list of questions he had prepared, Dr. Stumbo gave Dr. Hearn the microphone and encouraged him to speak from the heart.

“Mission without deeper life leads to humanitarianism . . . and deeper life without mission can actually lead to fanaticism. But deeper life with mission will lead to revolution. And if there was ever a time for The Christian and Missionary Alliance to have revolution, it is today . . . This is our moment!


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