What Will It Take?

This is the question we keep asking ourselves. It stems from our desire to see God’s Kingdom arrive in power among the Fula peoples we serve in West Africa.

In our search for an answer, we’ve continued to return to the one common denominator observed in sustained movements of God among people groups—extensive, focused prayer.

Conversion’s High Price

To win the Fula to Christ, further prayer is needed for God to reveal the truth of His Son’s sufficiency. (Photo courtesy of Steve Evans/Creative Commons)

Following Christ comes at a steep cost in this region that is bound by the predominant religion.

“. . . Unless you live in this culture, it is hard to truly appreciate the social implications of believing something different,” wrote an Alliance worker in Alliance Life magazine several years ago who served in West Africa.

Honor and shame figure prominently in any major decision here, and it is common for Jesus followers to be completely ostracized. . . . In an American context this would be akin to risking your family, job, and insurance coverage to publicly take the name of Christ.”

Signs of Awakening

Since more intentionally focusing our intercession over the past year on behalf of the Fula, we’ve begun to see glimmers of God’s glory and power poured out among those we serve.

One example is 18-year-old Frank*, who has begun to walk in the way of righteousness.

Recently, when Frank told his mother he wanted to be baptized, she threw him out of the family home. When he visited us, we prayed with him to find a place to live. Shortly thereafter, he received a call from his family to return to their village.

“This Other Way”

We were concerned. Frank’s family might beat him or try other means to force him to recant his new faith.

Again, we prayed.

When Frank returned from his village, he told us that his uncle, who was visiting from the city, defended him to his mother.

“The boy is 18, and if he decides he wants to follow this other way, then he should have the right to do so—especially since it seems to me this way is not leading him into trouble but into good and right behavior.”

It was a great answer to prayer!

More Prayers Answered

Frank has since found a place to live rent free. His mother has asked for his forgiveness and also invited him to eat meals with his family in their home.

Pray that Frank will continue to trust God. Currently, he is planting a field of potatoes (a cash crop in our area). Pray that it will flourish and help to sustain his survival.

Please also join us in interceding on behalf of Frank’s people to experience an outpouring of God’s Spirit that will lead them to salvation through Christ.

* Name changed

—Based on a report by an Alliance worker serving in West Africa


Join the Alliance family in praying for our workers, many of whom are taking the good news to some of the world’s least-reached peoples, including the Fula in West Africa. Use the Alliance Prayer Requests to assist you.

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