Restaurant Ministry Reaches Chinese in Peru

Peru has the most Chinese restaurants among Latin American countries. Most connoisseurs would agree that the best, most authentic Chinese cuisine is found in Lima.

In Peru, a Chinese restaurant is called a “chifa,” which comes from the Chinese word “chi-fan,” meaning “to dine or to have a meal.” Today, after more than 165 years of Chinese immigration to the country, an estimated 7,000 chifas operate in 50 districts in Lima and throughout the country. Unofficially, that figure has surpassed 10,000. This is a big sector of the Chinese diaspora in Peru that needs Jesus.

World Christian Restaurant Ministries is reaching a big sector of the Chinese diaspora that needs Jesus.

In March 2006, under the coordination of Alliance international workers, 60 Chinese Christian leaders and believers from Europe, North America, and Hong Kong undertook a nine-day campaign to bring the good news into more than 1,000 chifas in Lima. Thus began the Chifa Christian Ministry. Subsequently, this effort went international, and in July 2006, World Christian Restaurant Ministries, Inc. was established.

Since then, Chifa Christian Ministry has grown, with two “Midnight Chifa” church groups. In San Borja, 30 to 40 young Chinese worship and study the Bible until 3 a.m. every Thursday. In Los Olivos, another Midnight Chifa group has started with more than 30 members who meet once a month.

There is potential for new Chifa groups in other parts of Lima. Discipleship and leadership development among Chifa church members are vital for the work to continue and become self-sustaining.

—Adapted from a report by Alliance international worker Michael Chang, who serves in Peru


Pray that the Lord will call believers to continue leading the Chifa church ministry in Peru.

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