Psalmist’s Truths Conquer Curse

Adapted from an article by Esther Schaeffer, serving with The Alliance in Burkina Faso, West Africa

Not only was he a Christian. Samuel had no money and planned to be a pastor.

He will never do as the husband for my daughter, Aminata, thought Setou.*

Although Aminata’s father did not oppose the marriage, Setou was outspoken with her insults. On the day the young couple married, she pronounced a curse for all in attendance to hear—Aminata would never have children.

As the years went by and the couple had no children, it seemed Setou’s curse was being fulfilled. Samuel’s family urged him to leave his wife and marry someone else.

Andrew Schaeffer dedicates baby Nathan to God. Photo courtesy of Esther Schaeffer

Holding Firm

Yet Samuel, now an Alliance pastor in the village of Djibasso, held to the promise in Psalm 109: “. . . let them curse me if they like, but you will bless me!” (v. 28, NLT).

When rumors began circulating that Samuel was beating his wife, a group of pastors visited the family home to question him. Word then spread that Samuel was growing tired of his wife, losing patience with her because she could not have children.

But Samuel kept praying and crying out to the Lord.

Taken Ill

One day, after 11 years of marriage to Aminata, Samuel came home from working in the fields to find her quite sick. He quickly called for someone to come with a donkey cart to help transport her over the rough roads to the nearest clinic.

Aminata was given some medicine. And she seemed to get better.

But a few days later she again fell ill. So Samuel called for the donkey cart to help transport his wife to the clinic. This time, however, the doctor had a different report for him: “Your wife is pregnant!”

Fulfillment of a Promise

After 12 years of marriage, Aminata was finally able to proudly hold the couple’s first child.

My husband, Andrew, was privileged to dedicate Samuel and Aminata’s miracle child—Nathan—to God. The ceremony was a highlight at a recent marriage retreat the Alliance districts of Djibasso and Doumbala hosted for 75 Alliance pastoral couples in Djibasso.

As I looked at Aminata holding little Nathan, I tried to imagine the many years of pain and sorrow, disgrace, and humiliation she had endured, along with her husband.

We also were witnessing in this couple’s life the fulfillment of the Psalmist’s pleas: “O God, whom I praise, don’t stand silent and aloof while the wicked slander me and tell lies about me. . . . But deal well with me, O Sovereign Lord, for the sake of your own reputation! Rescue me because you are so faithful and good” (Psalm 109:1–2, 21, NLT).

Aminata and Samuel held tightly to their God and His promises. She was now standing before the church and holding their child—living proof of God’s faithfulness.

*Name changed


Praise God for His faithfulness in this couple’s life. Pray that many in Samuel and Aminita’s circle of influence will see and believe in the Lord’s goodness and begin following Him.

Use the weekly Alliance Prayer Requests to join the Alliance family in interceding on behalf of our global teams, who often serve in places where Satan has ruled for centuries and require Holy-Spirit empowerment to demonstrate God’s love and authority over the kingdom of darkness.


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