Notice of Amendment to the General Bylaws

Per legislation adopted by General Council, the Board of Directors recently submitted a recommendation to the Committee on Rules for action pertaining to correcting the document name to be referenced under Section 3.2 in the General Bylaws.

In June 2013, the Board of Directors approved relocating the Guidelines for Developing Churches out of the Policy and Procedure Manual for Districts and Churches into the Manual of The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA Manual), revising and renaming it to become the Policy for the Governance of Developing Churches (now section E11).

Last fall, it was discovered that a reference to the old Guidelines for Developing Churches located in the Bylaw section of the Manual had not been corrected in tandem. The reference should have directed readers to the Policy for the Governance of Developing Churches instead of to the previous Guidelines for Developing Churches.

This item was deemed to be a routine, editorial amendment and not of a substantive nature. As required, notice was given to delegates via the Web from November 28–December 28, 2016.

Following the notice period, the Committee on Rules unanimously adopted the recommendation. This revision has been made to the General Bylaws and will be reported to 2017 General Council. Please direct any questions to the Office of the Corporate Secretary at


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