Deb Dennis Gregory

Deb Dennis Gregory is a documentary filmmaker living in Ohio with her husband, Jim, who teaches aerospace engineering at Ohio State University. Their first child was born in August 2011.

  • One Bad Meth Trip

    September 1, 2011

    Alliance Life

    Most people visit Kalispell, Montana, to witness the grandeur of Glacier Park. We went for the seedy flop house and […]

  • Danger! Land Mines!

    June 2007

    Alliance Life

    I followed the Khmer children down a narrow path lined with red skull and crossbones signs that screamed their warnings: […]

  • Kingdom Heart

    December 2006

    Alliance Life

    I am a missionary kid. As the youngest of six children, I was the last hope of a father who […]

  • To Waveland With Love

    January 2006

    Alliance Life

    I jumped into a van with a bunch of strangers whose shirts read, Living Beyond Myself: Camp Katrina. I figured […]