Dick Staub Sr.

  • The Lively Undertaker

    September 2010

    Alliance Life

    “The President is dead.” At 10 a.m. on July 23, 1885, this somber message was handed to Stephen Merritt, undertaker. […]

  • A Startling Proposition

    December 2009

    Alliance Life

    In 1868 A. B. Simpson’s editorial “Woman’s Commission” stated that while women were doing “a noble work” in supporting world […]

  • A Noise of Many Voices

    September 2009

    Alliance Life

    A “loud noise of many voices” resounding through the Borneo wilds aroused the curiosity of newly arrived missionary John Willfinger. […]

  • A Man Called “Sunny”

    August 2009

    Alliance Life

    Surprisingly, an Episcopalian Communion service was frequently observed at A. B. Simpson’s Gospel Tabernacle in New York City. Presiding—with the […]

  • Beautiful Feet?

    April 2009

    Alliance Life

    In 1937, J. F. Wissel, surveying for an oil company above the central highlands of New Guinea, was startled by […]

  • "Mother" Suppes

    March 2009

    Alliance Life

    Glancing through the evening paper, Jennie Suppes noticed that the government had purchased the Arrowhead Hotel as a rehabilitation home […]

  • A Rare Bird

    December 2008

    Alliance Life

    “I think we should smuggle you out for a milkshake!” the distinguished man, familiarly called “Mac” by A. B. Simpson, […]

  • Two Men, One Vision

    September 2008

    Alliance Life

    W. E. Blackstone has been called the “American Christian Father of Zionism.” In 1891, his “Blackstone Memorial,” signed by 400 […]