Donald L. Bubna

Rev. Don Bubna, DD, is a pastor-at-large serving under Salem Alliance Church, Salem, Oreg. He is an adjunct professor at Alliance Theological Seminary (Nyack, N.Y.) and Simpson University (Redding, Calif.) and serves on the board of directors of Peacemaker Ministries (Billings, Mont.)

  • The Journey

    June 2007

    Alliance Life

    ā€œIā€™m here to get my needs met. I want my desires fulfilled.ā€ This seems to be the mindset of many […]

  • Transformational, Missional, Communal

    May 2007

    Alliance Life

    Recently, Don Bubna, C&MA pastor-at-large, spoke with Rev. David E. Fitch, C&MA pastor and author of The Great Giveaway. Dr. […]