Dr. Bob Fetherlin

On January 31, 2014, Bob Fetherlin will complete his distinguished era of service as vice president for International Ministries at the U.S. C&MA National Office in Colorado Springs, Colo.

  • Dangers at the Core

    March 1, 2014

    Alliance Life

    Most Alliance churches have a core group of missions enthusiasts. Thankfully, they are passionate about Acts 1:8 and partners in […]

  • Visions of Jesus

    December 1, 2013

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    Followers of Jesus living near a country with pitifully few Christians had a pressing sense of God directing them. They […]

  • An Impoverished Spirit

    June 1, 2013

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    From Isaiah: “Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie […]

  • You mean . . . you're leaving us?

    October 15, 2012

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    We were on a flight from Miami to Lima. The lady seated beside me was returning to her homeland of […]

  • Quick Fix or Long Haul?

    March 1, 2012

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    For the Americans emerging from the van, this was their first time in Africa. They were at the front of […]

  • Why We Send People

    December 1, 2011

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    A case can be made for trying to complete the Great Commission with technology. After all, aren’t the printed page, […]

  • Our New Neighbors

    September 1, 2011

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    Clair had been living in the same apartment complex in Chicago for nearly 30 years when suddenly, while walking down […]

  • Alliance Missiology for the Twenty-first Century

    June 2010

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    The Christian and Missionary Alliance was established in the late nineteenth century, when intercontinental travel was accomplished by steamship, overland […]

  • Pushing Back the Darkness

    August 2009

    Alliance Life

    A question has stalked me for months: If we brought every U.S. Alliance missionary home and started over again, where […]

  • Summer Flowers

    August 2008

    Alliance Life

    Our yard was transformed with the planting of some beautiful flowers. When I bought them at the greenhouse, they were […]