Heather Williams

Heather Williams and her husband, Jeff, serve as missionaries with The Alliance in Cambodia, where they continue to do church planting and act as agents of change in the national health system.

  • Inside the Gate

    Jan/Feb 2021

    Alliance Life

    How one woman’s addiction led to freedom for others

  • Show Them Jesus

    Nov/Dec 2017

    Alliance Life

    “Life is still difficult and I am still healing, but I’m no longer alone—I know I can depend on Jesus,” A’lee says.

  • God Had a Plan

    December 2008

    Alliance Life

    A decade or more ago, a man with tuberculosis was carried into a Sunday morning service in Kompong Cham, Cambodia. […]

  • Standing Strong

    May 2007

    Alliance Life

    “If you want to offer the chicken to Satan,” my friend Rom told the doctors, “you are free to do […]