Jonathan Schaeffer

Jonathan Schaeffer is the pastor of Grace Church (C&MA) in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. He and his wife, Mary, have five children.

  • Grace for Those Who Doubt

    Mar/Apr 2017

    Alliance Life

    Many think that doubt is the opposite of faith, but that’s not the case. The opposite of faith is unbelief. It’s a huge distinction.

  • You Are with Me Now

    June 1, 2011

    Alliance Life

    A year ago, I gave a challenge to our church members, one that has had a dramatic influence in our […]

  • You're Breaking My Heart

    May 2008

    Alliance Life

    When my wife, Mary, was four years old, her father left his home—and his marriage—to seek love in the arms […]

  • What Forgiveness Is Not

    August 2007

    Alliance Life

    When we forgive, we reflect the heart of God. We imitate Him when we relinquish resentment and treat the offending […]

  • When Christians Disagree

    February 2007

    Alliance Life

    In the past few years, our nation has been struck by the desperation of people caught in devastating hurricanes. We’ve […]