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—Mark Failing

  • The Alliance Celebrates 125 Years of Ministry

    March 9, 2012

    News & Stories

    In 1887, the Alliance movement began when A. B. Simpson left a lucrative pastorate to minister to the marginalized populations in New York City. Prostitutes, longshoremen, and the homeless received the message that all people are eligible for Christ’s grace. Simpson established the New York Gospel Tabernacle to bring likeminded believers together to facilitate outreach. His exposure to New York City’s displaced immigrant peoples birthed in him a deep burden to reach the lost multitudes around the world. To that end, he started the Missionary Training Institute (now Nyack [New York] College) to equip men and women whom God was calling to ministry.

  • The Council Connection

    July 15, 2011

    Alliance Life

    It is difficult to come up with only one reason Alliance people attend General Council every two years. Some delegates […]