Sandy Mayle

Sandy Mayle is a freelance writer living in Erie, Pa., with her husband, Dave, and sons. Sandy Mayle and her husband Dave are members of First Alliance Church in Erie, Pa.

  • God's Heart for One

    Mar/Apr 2021

    Alliance Life

    Winning the world one-by-one

  • The Little i

    Jan/Feb 2019

    Alliance Life

    The I AM became i, God the Son making Himself lowercase for me, for each of us.

  • In Stride with God

    February 2007

    Alliance Life

    Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” (Amos 3:3). A. W. Tozer once posed that question […]

  • The Price of Sugar

    November 2006

    Alliance Life

    Today, somewhere in Haiti, a young man has a dream. He longs to travel eastward and cross over into the […]