Terry D. Smith

Terry D. Smith serves as lead pastor at Immanuel Church of the C&MA in Mechanicsburg, Pa., and is the superintendent elect of the Eastern Pennsylvania District. He also serves on the Alliance Board of Directors.

  • Don't Be Afraid

    Sept/Oct 2020

    Alliance Life

    Experiencing the mysteries of the Spirit

  • The Church as Jesus IntendedThe Church as Jesus Intended

    Jan/Feb 2020

    Alliance Life

    During my high school years, I attended First Alliance Church in Port Charlotte (Fla.). My life was transformed in that […]

  • It’s All About Jesus

    Mar/Apr 2018

    Alliance Life

    His presence in my life and ministry

  • The Power of Partnership

    July 15, 2014

    Alliance Life

    In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the stately capitol building stands in the downtown area. But less than a mile to the east […]