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Suffering and Sanctification

Believing that great good arises out of great hardship, we can experience joy in adversity.

Through Healing Hands

Claude Alain clung to life in a Libreville hospital for six weeks, receiving intravenous antibiotics and medication to control his seizures.

A Life Full of Miracles

“Your mother won my grandmother to the Lord!” We were all crying, laughing and singing at the same time. I had never met any of them before, but they were my people.

Visions of Jesus

Followers of Jesus living near a country with pitifully few Christians had a pressing sense of God directing them. They were to load Bibles into their car and drive across the border.

Sowing Seeds of the Gospel in Portugal

In Portugal our calling may be to sow seeds of the gospel, but we hope to also have a harvest. Either way, we are dependent on God’s part between the two actions.

65 Years Later

Recently, a housekeeper became a follower of Jesus during her time with the family of an international worker serving in East Asia. “I knew that God made the world, but until now I never knew He had a Son.”

Small Things with LOVE

God is teaching me to do small things with great love. I joined a little Alliance church and began mentoring a refugee family in my own city.

Let Revival Come!

It was challenging and moving–a divine appointment. God not only issued the call to revival but also provided the means and pointed the way.

Happily Ever After

What if a church helped couples honor God by helping them plan a wedding? What if we paid for the facility, a photographer, cakes, hair stylists, nail techs, premarital counseling, the marriage license, everything? What if we even decorated the sanctuary—all for free?

The Long Walk

When Sali was a young girl, her father, though not a Christian, encouraged her to go to church. Something in the music, something in the message—she was hooked.


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