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The Alliance Receives $1 Million Grant

Funds will be used to launch an initiative to help U.S. Hispanic congregations thrive.

The John 3:16 Answer

I heard the good news for the first time!

Great News: A Review

Thanks to your partnership in 2014, we can share great news from Alliance workers worldwide.

Miracle Miles

In the early years of The Alliance movement, a caravan of Alliance workers were forced to flee to Mongolia during China’s Boxer Rebellion.

Religion That Is Pure

Raised in rejection and taunted by his family in failure, Brice had come to his breaking point. But his neighbor’s melodic refrain struck a chord in his soul: “You need God, Brice; you need God!”

Mistaken Identity

I Was a Mistake! By Howie Close Many people start the stories of their lives with: “When I was born…” […]

Opening the Door

Foundations: Alliance Heritage By Mary Owen, 1970 Our legends of origin say that our forefathers ascended to the earth from […]

Why Am I Here?

I walked over to the sliding glass doors that have a view of our neighborhood and joined God in a conversation. Lately that conversation has been circling back to one question: “Why am I here?” It’s not an angry question. It’s an honest one. And last night, God honored it with an honest answer.

Is God Calling You?

What does the Great Commission mean to you? People just like you have answered the call to “Go” and are currently serving overseas right now.

Raising the Bar

When Peter began his role in 2002, “about 10 students made up our small youth ministry,” he says. “As a growing number of students joined the group, I sensed God’s nudging to establish a proactive outreach to area youth—one that would be conducive to student culture, not a ‘churchy’ building, which might be a deterrent to joining the group.


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