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Siam…this exotic word brings to mind jewels and riches, gold palaces, beautiful beaches and flowers. It also brings to mind a mysterious land with elephants, great jungles, ornate buildings and friendly people. Siam (now called Thailand) is also a country covered in deep spiritual darkness as incense burns in street shrines, idols of every kind fill Thai homes and prostitution and drugs are prevalent throughout the country. For 200 years Protestant missionaries have worked in Thailand, and yet today only 1% of Thai are Christians.

This curriculum is designed to cover a four week (one month) time period. It can be used as a ten minute missions moment, or as a one hour class focused on the country, people and Alliance work in Thailand.

Lesson Plans

Before beginning this curriculum, you will need to:

  1. Prepare the missions story about Nong Fa.
  2. Make copies of worksheet and activity pages
  3. Prepare songs in Thai and English

Support Files

Missions Story: Nog Fa’s Story

Storyboard Photos

Thailand Maps (PDF documents)

Other Downloads

PowerPoint Presentations (courtesy of Chris Peters)

  1. Introduction, flag, capitol, interesting facts
  2. animals, land, language, flag

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