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This curriculum has been designed to be used with elementary-aged kids helping them reach their full potential as disciples of Jesus Christ by introducing them to Alliance World Changers. This series will take them on the journey of faith lived out by several key Alliance missionaries. The stories will demonstrate the faith-filled risks taken by these heroes of the faith and will challenge the next generation to do the same.

Rev. Jaffray

Let My People Go

Known as a pioneer missionary long before the term was popular, Robert Jaffray, a missionary in the early 1900’s, was once quoted as saying,

“Here are 1 million souls for whom Christ died, and, after 1,920 years, not one of His messengers has gone to them with the story of free salvation. May He help the Alliance to give them a chance ’ere the Lord return.”

Rev. Jaffray stands as a prime example to anyone seeking to serve Jesus. Using this curriculum you can take your students on a discovery of this life well lived.

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Rev. Don Fairley

Beyond The Mist

When Alliance worker Rev. Don Fairley received a walking stick from a village chief symbolizing the honor and trust of Rev. Fairley's pledge to return to Gabon, he believed God would provide. It was the height of the Great Depression, and the sum needed to return to Africa seemed unattainable. But God unleashed His power among U.S. Alliance churches, enabling His servant to keep his promise to the people who wanted to hear more about Jesus.

Rev. Fairley's life was a testament of faith and stewardship; his example led the Gabonese people to believe in Jesus. Beyond the Mist will inspire your students to trust God for the impossible.

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Mabel Francis

One Shall Chase a Thousand

When Alliance worker Mabel Francis went to camp as a child, she felt a very clear call on her life to become a missionary and trusted that God would provide for her needs in order to make the call a reality.

After a woman name Mrs. Rose gives her the money needed to go to Nyack Missionary Training Institute, Mabel started on a journey of moving to Japan and ministering to the local people. Though she faced many trials, Mabel stayed faithful to the people of Japan. Her life was a testament of faith in God and believing that He would provide for all of her needs. One Shall Chase a Thousand will inspire your students to trust God for the impossible and serve God in everything.

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