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    • Year-End Offering2020 Year-End Offering

      When you participate in the Year–End Offering this Christmas, you send Alliance workers into overlooked and oppressed communities—redeeming thousands of unfinished stories and fulfilling our unfinished mission together.

      Visit the 2020 Year-End Offering Page

    • Missions Emphasis 2021 poster art2021–22 Missions Emphasis Resource Kit

      Each year, every Alliance church is mailed a Missions Emphasis Resource Kit. This kit informs you of the missions emphasis as well as provides promotional resources for your church to use.

      Visit Missions Emphasis Web page »

    • 2018 coverEquippingU

      EquippingU is a collection of leadership tools designed specifically to equip Alliance pastors and leaders as they live spiritually healthy lives and successfully lead healthy C&MA churches.

      EquippingU will help you develop strong, vibrant churches that effectively reach diverse peoples in your community for Jesus. You will receive spiritual fuel to avoid burnout and proven safeguards to enable you to stand strong and lead well in the face of temptation.

      Visit EquippingU Web page »

  • AVM/Video

    Subtítulos en Español

    Since 1987, the Alliance video team has been telling the story of The Alliance and bundling many of those stories on a single DVD. For more information about Alliance Video Magazine DVDs send an email to Andy Staver at [email protected].

    Watch video online

  • Brochures

    • A Passion for JesusA Passion for Jesus

      This richly-illustrated, 36-page booklet highlights God at work through the Alliance family for more than 125 years. The booklet includes historical milestones, compelling stories, vivid imagery, and rich testimonials—all born out of a passion for Jesus and an unyielding desire to see His purposes fulfilled throughout the world. Ideal for use in Sunday school, small groups, membership classes or as a "coffee table" piece for homes, offices, and reception areas. Available for purchase on The Alliance Store. Order Now.

    • The AllianceThe Alliance

      This multi-fold brochure highlights the breadth and depth of Alliance ministries in the United States and throughout the world. The brochure describes the fruitful impact these Spirit-empowered ministries have had over the past 125 years through the fervent prayers, sacrificial giving, and selfless service of Alliance people. This brochure combines content from brochures previously published under the titles, “Who Is The Alliance?” and “What Is the GCF?”. Available for purchase on The Alliance Store. Order Now.

    • What We Believe brochureWhat We Believe

      This 4–panel brochure contains the Alliance Statement of Faith, requirements for church membership, and links to Alliance perspectives on pertinent faith-based issues. Available for purchase on The Alliance Store. Order Now.

    • Water BaptismWater Baptism

      This 4–panel brochure explains the precedent and importance of baptism. It answers the questions, “what does baptism mean?” and “how should you be baptized?” Presents the Alliance practice of baptism by immersion. Available for purchase on The Alliance Store. Order Now.

    • Alliance Welcome FolderAlliance Welcome Folder

      Alliance Welcome Folders are ideal for visitor packets, membership materials, outreach campaigns, and other events in the life of the church. Designed with a fresh Alliance identity and a brief description of the worldwide Alliance family, these folders can hold denominational resources, such as The Alliance and Water Baptism brochures, as well as flyers your church produces to promote its local ministries. The folder has space for a stamp or label with your church contact information and slits to hold a business card. Folded size is 9.25" X 4". Sold in packs of 50. Available for purchase on The Alliance Store. Order Now.

  • Spanish Brochures

    • Una Pasión por JesúsUna Pasión por Jesús

      Este pequeño libro de 36 páginas, con muchas hermosas ilustraciones, resalta la obra de Dios a través de la familia aliancista durante más de 125 años. Contiene hitos históricos, relatos cautivantes, imágenes vívidas y testimonios impactantes-todos nacidos de la pasión por Jesús y una resolución firme por ver que sus propósitos sean cumplidos en todo el mundo. Es ideal para uso en la Escuela Dominical, grupos pequeños, clases de membresía, o para mostrar en hogares, oficinas y salas de espera. Ordene ahora.

    • La AlianzaLa Alianza

      Un folleto de varias páginas que destaca la amplitud y profundidad de los ministerios de La Alianza en los Estados Unidos y a través del mundo. El folleto describe el impacto fructífero de estos ministerios realizados en el poder del Espíritu durante los últimos 125 años, el resultado de las oraciones fervientes, las ofrendas sacrificiales y el servicio abnegado del pueblo aliancista, motivado por amor a Jesús, profundo y perdurable. Este folleto combina el contenido de otros dos folletos anteriores bajo los títulos de: ¿Quiénes son los de La Alianza? y ¿Qué es el FGC?. Ordene ahora

    • Bautismo de AugaBautismo de Auga

      Ordene ahora

    • =

      Que es lo que creemos?Que es lo que creemos?

      Un folleto en español desplegable que detalla la Declaración de Fe de la ACyM en un formato de moda fácil de leer. (Revisado en el 2005). Ordene ahora

  • Prayer

    • Prayer Requests Email

      Join the thousands of Alliance people who get weekly updates conveniently delivered each Tuesday to their inbox. Subscribe today by entering your email address in the box below.

    • Call To Prayer Bulletin Insert

      Call to PrayerThe Alliance Call to Prayer bulletin insert is designed for churches to use to remind people to pray for Alliance needs both domestically and internationally. With stories of answered prayer, this resource is sure to provide value to you and your congregation. Continue to Call to Prayer page

  • Church Leadership

    • EquippingU

      2018 coverEquippingU is a collection of leadership tools designed specifically to equip Alliance pastors and leaders as they live spiritually healthy lives and successfully lead healthy C&MA churches.

      EquippingU will help you to develop strong, vibrant churches that effectively reach diverse peoples in your community for Jesus. You will receive spiritual fuel to avoid burnout and proven safeguards to enable you to stand strong and lead well in the face of temptation.

      Visit EquippingU Web page »

    • Office of Ministry Studies

      The Office of Ministry Studies (OMS) assists in the development of local church leaders through training that focuses on Great Commission disciplemaking ministry.

      Our courses encourage the development of leaders who give evidence that they are called to plant and grow healthy Great Commission churches. Our ministerial path provides training for those who are called to the ministry in mid-career, and for those whose first language is not English. Go to OMS resources page

    • Alliance Polity Course

      This course is for candidates for licensing who have not graduated from an Alliance institution or Alliance graduates who have not taken a formal course in Alliance Polity. More about the Alliance Polity Course

    • Alliance Strategies in Mission

      This 10-week online course enables participants to meet the missions awareness requirement for those pursuing ordination, consecration, or vocational ministry in The Alliance. More about Alliance Strategies in Mission

    • Ministerial Study Program

      The Ministerial Study Program (MSP) has been developed primarily for people who are aware of the call of God to full-time ministry, but who are unable to obtain their training through traditional educational institutions. More about the Ministerial Study Program

    • Basic Training Program

      The Basic Training program is designed to prepare people in the local church for ministry. More about the Basic Training Program

    • Special Training Program

      The Special Training program consists of elective courses designed to provide training in certain ministry skills. The program is designed for the training of elders, deacons, deaconesses, and other church leaders. More about the Special Training Program

    • alliancestore.comOrdination Books

      Books that are required for ordination within The Alliance may be ordered through The Alliance Store, the C&MA’s site for local church resources. Please note that by following this link, you will be leaving the website. Available for purchase on The Alliance Store. Order Now.

    • covenant eyesInternet Accountability

      With the increasing number of C&MA leaders, pastors, and missionaries facing the allure of internet pornography, we believe it is vital and strategic that we be “wise as serpents” in protecting Alliance people. Covenant Eyes is a way to accomplish this. How it works is simple. A person's internet usage is tracked and a report of that usage is sent to two accountability partners designated by that user. Go to Covenant Eyes now

  • Church Advance

    The following resources have been reviewed and endorsed by the C&MA office of Church Advance and are available for purchase from third-party vendors. Please be aware that any order links provided will take you off of the C&MA website.

    • Church Advance brochure imageChurch Advance Brochure

      The Alliance Church Advance Office, in partnership with C&MA districts and associations, exists to catalyze a movement of Spirit-empowered leaders and churches that are equipped and mobilized to transform churches and lives. Download our brochure to learn more.

      Download 611KB PDF Descargar 614KB PDF

    Training & Equipping for Church Leaders

    • Breakout Churches

      • Challenges “good” churches to become “great” churches and enjoy unprecedented fruitfulness
      • Empowers pastors to stay the course and lead their church’s breakthrough
      • Describes the qualities and characteristics of effective breakthrough leaders

      For more information, contact the Eastern Pennsylvania District Office at (717) 985-9240.

    • SDI Training/CONSENTIA Group

      • Understand yourself, others, and why you behave the way you do with others
      • How do the motivations of the soul affect behavior?
      • Apply the gospel to relationships and leadership

      For more information visit or call (231) 846-8472.

      Para información en español, email [email protected] o llame 001-817-247-6875.

    • Leadership Training Academy

      • Web/video-based training to develop lay leaders
      • Curriculum includes video sessions, assigned readings in selected books and the Bible, active involvement in ministry, and regular meetings with a mentor

      The video modules, syllabi, and an overview are available at under “Ministries.”

    • Alliance Peacemaking

      • Helps you and your church grow in your understanding of God’s peace and respond to conflict with grace and obedience
      • Fosters a culture that reflects unity in Christ
      • Uses biblical truths to bring a Christ-centered response to any type of dispute

      Continue to Alliance Peacemaking Web page

    • Natural Church Development

      • Focuses on increasing the quality of a church rather than numerical goals
      • Helps churches discover and develop their individuality
      • Answers, “How can all of my church’s God-given growth potential be released?”

      Continue to Natural Church Development website

    Consulting Ministries

    • bible league logoBible League

      Presenting God’s Word in a way that can be easily understood, Project Philip Bible studies and training lead to new life in Jesus Christ, new churches planted, and new hope for those eager to read His Word.

      Visit the Bible League website for more information.

    • evengelsim explosion logoEvangelism Explosion

      Evangelism Explosion is a ministry that trains people how to share their faith in Christ with nonbelievers, using a variety of components including prayer, on-the-job training, and the principle of spiritual multiplication.

      Para más información acerca del Ministerio Hispano ponte en contacto con Antonio Zafra al (828)490-4044 ó [email protected]

      Visit the Evangelism Explosion website for more information.

    • basic training logoBasic Training

      Basic Training is a local church-run program that prepares leaders to minister more effectively in their own church. Led initially by the pastor as the Center Leader, the program is a full introduction to basic pastoral and leadership skills for lay leaders. The program consists of six courses on The Life of Christ, a linear study of the Gospel of Matthew. The students also learn Bible study methods, Biblical history and geography, basic Christian doctrine, principles of Christian living, and ministry skills.

      Visit the Basic Training webpage for more information.

    • ftf logoFanning the Flame

      Fanning the Flame (FTF) is a fee-based church revitalization and consulting ministry sponsored by Briarwood Presbyterian Church (PCA), Birmingham, Alabama. It is the outgrowth of the Embers to a Flame workshops presented by Dr. Harry Reeder, who serves as the church’s senior pastor. The workshops, which are a prerequisite for engaging in Fanning the Flame coaching, are held several times a year with the largest scheduled in January each year at Briarwood Presbyterian Church.

      Email Rev. Daniel R. Wetzel at [email protected] for more information concerning Fanning the Flame. Rev. Wetzel has been certified by Fanning the Flame for consulting within the C&MA.

    • ipm logoInterim Pastor Ministries

      The Interim Pastor Ministries (IPM) website describes IPM as “a missional network of interim Pastors who serve churches in pastoral transition.” “Our goal,” the website continues, “is to serve, support, and strengthen churches during their transitional season.” IPM works closely with the district superintendent and with local church leaders to identify a suitable pastor for the church in transition. IPM sponsors several training events for potential interim pastors each year.

      Contact Rev. Tom Harris, the executive director of IPM by calling 1-800-501-7117 or email [email protected] for more information.

    • Vital Church Ministries logoVitalChurch Ministry

      The mission of VitalChurch Ministry is “to see churches reconciled and restored to unity, with gifted leadership in place, gospel values embedded, effective governance, and an exciting mission agreed upon.” VitalChurch Ministry utilizes an extensive diagnostic analysis that involves both online surveys and face-to-face interviews before a transitional pastor is chosen for the church. VitalChurch Ministry serves evangelical churches of all sizes—but the team specializes in larger multi-staff congregations that have experienced crises related to pastoral failures or where significant levels of conflict are present.

      Visit the VitalChurch Ministry website for more information.

    • Books

      • Changing Course coverChanging Course: Leading Older Churches in a New Direction

        By Terry D. Smith

        This book was written with the hope that churches that have lost their way can experience spiritual renewal and once again make a dynamic kingdom difference in their communities. It provides practical steps for churches to begin to move in a new direction and lift their sails in to the wind of the Holy Spirit so that He can steer and propel them forward. Order Now from NextStep Resources.

      • Change It Up coverThe Post–Quarantine Church: Six Urgent Challenges and Opportunities that Will Determine the Future of Your Congregation

        By Thom S. Rainer

        Trusted and respected author Thom Rainer provides hope, guidance, and vision for your congregation in The Post–Quarantine Church. Gleaning from thousands of surveys of church leaders and in–person consultations, Rainer has gathered essential wisdom you need to face the challenges and opportunities the coronavirus pandemic creates for the local church including:

        • New and better ways to lead the gathered church
        • A wide-open door for growing the digital church
        • A moment to rethink the facilities
        • New approaches to serving your community, and more

        Order Now from The Alliance Store.

      • Small Church Essentials coverSmall Church Essentials: Field-Tested Principles for Leading a Healthy Congregation of Under 250

        By Karl Vaters

        Small does NOT mean unhealthy, insular, poorly managed, or settling for less. Small churches are often healthy, dynamic, and equipped to minister to their communities in ways that larger churches just can’t. Both big and small churches play vital roles in the Kingdom of God, but they each require a different set of tools. Yet most resources are produced by big church pastors and give advice that works well for big churches, even though most churches are small. And using big church tools for small church problems doesn’t work. Small Church Essentials is about getting the tools to make your small church great. Karl Vaters is a leading voice on small church ministry. Order Now from The Alliance Store.

      • The Culture Map coverThe Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business

        By Erin Meyer

        In The Culture Map, INSEAD professor Erin Meyer is your guide through this subtle, sometimes treacherous terrain in which people from starkly different backgrounds are expected to work harmoniously together. She provides a field-tested model for decoding how cultural differences impact international business, and combines a smart analytical framework with practical, actionable advice. Order from The Alliance Store.

      • Preaching The Other Way coverPreaching The Other Way: How to Develop a Teaching Team in Your Church

        By J. D. Pearring

        J. D. Pearring’s vast experience includes planting churches, leading growing congregations, and assessing potential new church planers. He also currently serves as the director of the Excel Leadership Network, church planting lead for Transformation Ministries, and teach team coach at Journey Church in Elk Grove, California. J. D. is a graduate of UCLA and Denver Seminary. Order from Amazon.

      • Naked Man Running coverNaked Man Running: 100 Ideas That Work in a Small Church

        By Dave Jacobs

        Dave Jacobs was a pastor for 28 years before retiring in 2006 and founding Small Church Pastor, an organization that provides encouragement, coaching, consulting, and resources for pastors and leaders of churches of all sizes, but with a focus on smaller churches. Dave is the author of Mile Wide, Inch Deep: Experiencing God Beyond the Shallows, Soul Care for Busy Pastors and the Rest of Us , and Belligerent Believers. Order from Amazon.

      • The Grasshopper Myth coverThe Grasshopper Myth: Big Churches, Small Churches and the Small Thinking that Divides Us

        By Karl Vaters

        The Grasshopper Myth takes on many of the unbiblical beliefs we’ve held about church growth, church size, and “success” in ministry. And it offers some healthy alternatives. Ultimately, it is about rediscovering a New Small Church filled with hope, passion, and the innovative spark of the Holy Spirit. Available for purchase on The Alliance Store. Order from Amazon.

      • A Practical Theology of Assessment coverA Practical Theology of Assessment: Discoveries from 25 years of Assessing Ministry Candidates

        By John Bradley and Don Wiggins

        What God-given aptitudes, innate talent, spiritual gifts, and personality traits are needed to serve as a church planter, lead pastor, or senior pastor? A Practical Theology of Assessment is the result of 25 years of field application, discovery, and trial and error used by hundreds of denominational officers within the C&MA. Order from The Alliance Store.

  • Child Safety

    • Safe Place - A Plan to ProtectSafe Place - A Plan to Protect™

      Churches have the privilege and responsibility to create safe places for children and youth. Safe Place – A Plan to Protect™ provides an extensive roadmap for churches to protect young people, train staff and volunteers, establish policies and procedures, and demonstrate integrity and accountability to families.

      The Christian and Missionary Alliance has partnered with Plan to Protect™ to create this comprehensive plan to create safe places for kids and teens, covering topics from interviewing and screening volunteers, to legal liability and reporting, to suicide prevention and substance abuse. Contained in this updated manual:

      • New version in partnership with Plan to Protect
      • Specially compiled policies for U.S. Alliance churches
      • Updated legal perspectives and policies
      • Implementation guide and FAQs
      • Call to action by President John Stumbo
      • Online customizable templates and forms
      • Training outlines
      • Access to online training and live webinars

      Available for purchase at The Alliance Store.

  • Peacemaking

    The following resources have been reviewed and endorsed by Peacemaking Ministries of the C&MA and are available for purchase from third-party vendors. Please be aware that the order links provided will take you off of the C&MA website.

    • Instrument in the Redemmer's Hands imageInstrument in the Redeemer’s Hands

      by Paul Tripp Helps us understand how God shapes us through conflict to become humble and grace-filled instruments of hope in people’s lives. Order Now

    • Dangerous Calling imageDangerous Calling

      by Paul Tripp Diagnoses and cures for issues and attitudes that make church leaders and their churches unhealthy in today’s world. Order Now

    • Counterfeit Gods imageCounterfeit Gods

      by Tim Keller How we settle for less by worshiping the things of this world rather than the treasures of God, and the subsequent impact on our relationships — with God and with others. Order Now

    • The PeacemakerThe Peacemaker

      A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict, Updated Edition. This classic work provides clear gospel-focused steps to resolving personal and professional conflicts. Order Now.

    • Resolving Everyday ConflictResolving Everyday Conflict

      A concise and highly engaging read on Christ-centered conflict resolution. Order Now

    • Redeeming Church ConflictsRedeeming Church Conflicts

      A hope-filled, practical, and highly biblical model for addressing church conflict. Order Now

    • The Peacemaking PastorThe Peacemaking Pastor

      Every pastor faces conflict in the church and Alfred Poirier has this loving reminder: we can run, but we can’t hide. Jesus set the example as the Incarnate Peacemaker, and Scripture clearly calls His servant-pastors to be ministers of reconciliation. Order Now

    • Resolving Everyday ConflictResolving Everyday Conflict DVD

      The Resolving Everyday Conflict small group Bible study is an eight-week DVD study that unpacks the amazing things the Bible has to say about conflict and relationships in a fun and non-threatening way. Order Now

  • Envision

    • envision-brochure imageEnvision Brochure

      As a ministry of the C&MA, Envision identifies and develops missional leaders through short-term missions and innovative ministry strategies. Resource to find out where in the world Envision is located and how your church can engage.

      Download 376KB PDF

    • envision-give-back-flyer imageEnvision Give Back Flyer

      GiveBack mobilizes individuals who have skills, resources, and time to strengthen and encourage communities of faith. GiveBack focuses primarily on empowering retirees and experienced professionals to serve the Alliance family around the world and here in the states.

      Download 930KB PDF

    • envision-trek-year-flyer imageEnvision Trek Year Flyer

      TrekYear is an opportunity to experience hands-on ministry while completing one year of college online. In partnership with Crown College, Envision pairs a cross cultural discipleship setting with academics to fuel development.

      Download 1.6MB PDF

    • envision-trips-flyer imageEnvision Trips Flyer

      Envision trips are 7-10 day opportunities to provide groups with a healthy engagement in missions through long-term partnership, impactful ministries, and holistic training and debriefing while serving at Alliance ministry around the world.

      Download 1.7MB PDF

    • envision-internships-flyer imageEnvision Internships Flyer

      Internships focused on personal development and hands-on ministry in a cross-cultural setting from 1-11months.

      Download 1.3MB PDF

    • envision-residency-flyer imageEnvision Residency

      The Resident program is a two-year opportunity designed as preparation for long-term service. Focused on ministry readiness, discipleship, cross-cultural agility, leadership and spiritual development.

      Internships focused on personal development and hands-on ministry in a cross-cultural setting from 1-11months.

      Download 1.3MB PDF

  • Banners, Signs, Displays

    • Flags, Banners, Signage imageBest Flag

      The best resource for banners, signs, flags, and other indoor and outdoor media and media displays. If you are looking for signs for VBS, flags for your church, or display signage for any event, Best Flag is your source. Friends of the C&MA since 2000.

      Visit for your church display needs.

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