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The Alliance Year–End Offering

War–wearied Refugees. Religious Persecution. Human Trafficking. Political Upheaval. Ravaging Disease.

These are more than headlines. They are cries for help. How will we respond?

With your help, The Alliance is rewriting the headlines. When you give to CAMA or the C&MA throughout the year or through the 2016 Alliance Year-end Offering, you help to answer the cries of displaced, oppressed, and suffering peoples in some of the world’s most hopeless places.

CAMA Supplies Help And Hope To Displaced Yazidis

Syrian Refugees In Europe Hear The Good News

Kosovar Church Helps Turn Disillusionment Into Vibrant Faith

Cambodian Churches’ Goal: Plant A Church In Every City


Together We Can Do More

The greater Alliance family is committed to care for the spiritual and physical needs of people in our communities and throughout the world. The international workers we support are seeing unprecedented opportunities to extend Christs love to people suffering the effects of war, disease, and disaster and to those who have become disillusioned with belief systems that promote hatred and oppression. Our workers are strategically placed in parts of the world that are ripe for a great spiritual awakening. Our prayers and financial support enable them to remain in these places and extend this love by:

  • Planting churches and training church leaders
  • Discipling new believers
  • Broadcasting the good news over the airwaves
  • Helping those displaced by war and disaster
  • Digging clean-water wells
  • Sharing the gospel with prison inmates
  • Providing critical medical care
  • Restoring broken marriages

Led by His Spirit, strengthened by your prayers, and supported by your generosity, we CAN do something. We ARE doing something. And WE WILL DO MORE!

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