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Year-End Offering Resources

The 2018 Alliance Year-End Offering is an opportunity for the U.S. Alliance family to come together and send new workers to parts of the world where God has opened new doors for the gospel.

You can help get others involved in this work.

One of our world’s greatest injustices is that many people still have no access to the gospel. This year, 60 positions have opened up for passionate, well–equipped new workers to serve as clergy, vocational, and compassionate care workers in some of the world’s most spiritually desolate places. Our gifts to this offering will place more workers among people who desperately need the redemption and restoration only Jesus can offer. –Dr. Amy Roedding, Director for Candidate Development

Many places have NEVER had a viable gospel presence. In other areas the proclamation of the good news has been suppressed for centuries because of religious, political, or cultural factors.

But that is all changing—and God is calling and equipping a new generation of Alliance workers to help create gospel access where little or no access exists.

How Can I Best Promote the Year-End Offering?

As a pastor or leader in an Alliance church you have the opportunity to mobilize your congregation to create gospel access where the love of Jesus has yet to be proclaimed.

  • Choose A Date

    You can choose any day in December that works best for your church calendar. Your participation gives your congregation the opportunity to direct their year-end giving to a cause with a proven, 131-year track record of stewarding its people’s support efficiently and effectively toward the cause of Christ.

  • Download Additional Resources

    Download digital files—including campaign graphics, PowerPoint slides for your preservice announcements, and other resources to help promote the Offering to your congregation.

  • Show The Video

    In the weeks leading up to the offering, show the “Called, Equipped, and Committed” segment (a little over 4 minutes long) to remind your congregation of the need to send new workers and of the important role your church plays in equipping, sending, and supporting them.

  • Distribute Bulletin Inserts

    Enclosed in this packet are is a quantity of bulletin inserts to present to your congregation. The inserts share information about how offering funds will be used and provide an easy option for your people to enclose their gifts. To order additional inserts, please call toll free 1-877-284-3262.

  • Show The Video Again

    Just before you collect the offering, give your congregation one more opportunity to join the greater U.S. Alliance church family in sending new workers.

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

    Remember that you are inviting your congregation to support the things closest to the heart of God. Be bold! It’s OK to tell them to be prepared to give generously!

  • Display The Poster

    The large poster may be used to help promote the offering, including space to add the time and date of your Year-End Offering event.

Promotional Resources

Save-the-date Poster

The poster will enable your congregation to see the date and time of your Year-End Offering event and plan to attend.

Promotional Video

The video segment features a new worker couple who is being sent in early 2019 to proclaim the good news in a gospel-deprived city.

Powerpoint Slides

The slides, branded with Year-End Offering graphics, can be used to promote the offering in your church’s pre-service screen announcements.

High Resolution Graphics

Visit to download high–resolution graphics, native art files, and photos and logos associated with the campaign.

Don’t miss the Year-End Offering page where you can get more details, watch the video, and make an online donation.