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Promotional Resources

The 2019 Alliance Year-End Offering is an opportunity for the U.S. Alliance family to come together and establish a gospel presence in parts of the world where God has opened new pathways to the regions beyond.

Together, we are building on the momentum you created last year—sending 62 new Alliance workers to places where people have had little or no opportunity to meet Jesus. Many of these workers are joining existing teams needing more feet on the ground to deliver the good news to increasing numbers of displaced and marginalized people. Meanwhile, others are trekking 12 new gospel pathways to reach more overlooked, vulnerable peoples desperate for hope.

How Can I Best Promote the Year-End Offering?

As a pastor or leader in an Alliance church, you have the opportunity to mobilize your congregation to create gospel access where the love of Jesus has yet to be proclaimed.

  • Don’t wait! Pick a date now!

    Choose a weekend in November or December to take your church’s Year-End Offering. It’s not too soon to begin coordinating with whoever plans your worship services. As you know, this is a busy time of year!

  • Download Additional Resources

    Explore all the available online resources. Videos, stories, and other useful content is available below to help you craft a meaningful offering campaign in your church.

  • Show The Videos

    There are two versions of the Year-End Offering 2019 video segment: a short version (about a minute and a half) and a full version (just under 3 minutes). In the weeks leading up to the offering, consider showing the short version and making an announcement about when the offering will be taken. Then, on the Sunday the offering is taken, show the full version to give your congregation a vivid picture of the deep physical and spiritual needs their giving will meet among some of the most burdened and neglected people on the planet.

  • Distribute Bulletin Inserts

    Enclosed in the packet you received in October is a quantity of bulletin inserts to present to your congregation. The inserts share information about how offering funds will be used and provide an easy way for your people to enclose their gifts. To order more inserts, call toll free 1-877-284-3262.

  • Social Media

    Share about the offering in your church’s e-Newsletters and on social media. If you aren’t already following The Alliance on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—join today. You’ll find great content you can share on your networks to make it easy.

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

    Remember that you are inviting your congregation to support the things closest to the heart of God. Be bold! It’s OK to tell them to be prepared to give generously!

  • Display The Poster

    The large save-the-date poster may be used to help promote the offering. It includes space to add the time and date of your Year-End Offering event.

Promotional Resources

Save-the-date Poster

The poster will enable your congregation to see the date and time of your Year-End Offering event and plan to attend.

Promotional Video

The Year-End Offering 2019 video segments (short and full versions) highlight the work The Alliance is starting in one of the 12 new pathways God has opened to provide tangible help, hope, and a gospel presence among some of the world’s most marginalized, oppressed, and displaced peoples.

Powerpoint Slides

The slides, branded with Year-End Offering graphics, can be used to promote the offering in your church’s pre-service screen announcements.

High Resolution Graphics

Visit to download high–resolution graphics, native art files, and photos and logos associated with the campaign.

Don’t forget the Year-End Offering page where you can get more details, watch the video, and make an online donation.