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These Office of Ministry Studies resources are available for churches to prepare people to minister through the Basic and Special Training programs, and the Ministerial Study Program. If you have a question about whether you are ordering the correct item for a course, you may contact Pamela Cubas at [email protected] or 719-265-2178.

SEAN Resources

The purchase of these materials is restricted by international copyright to students of the Office of Ministry Studies and leadership training programs. These students should have completed and signed a distribution agreement.

For more information, please contact Pamela Cubas by calling (719) 265-2178, or by emailing [email protected].

The Life of Christ, Book 1 (SEAN series)

The Life of Christ, Book 1Book 1, Introduction and Infancy, is the first in a series of six books on the life of Christ, based on the Gospel according to Saint Matthew. Practical lessons to life and ministry are taught throughout these ten units. Some of the skills covered include inductive Bible study, conflict resolution, Bible geography, interpretation of Bible prophecy, Christology, Bible history, and confronting the occult.

The Life of Christ, Book 2 (SEAN series)

The Life of Christ, Book 2Book 2, The Year of Preparation, studies Jesus’ first year of ministry in depth.

Included: Bible chronology, synoptic harmony, interpretation of Biblical symbols, the Trinity, attributes of God, Biblical inspiration, justice and materialism, Biblical confession, and Biblical counseling.

The Life of Christ, Book 3 (SEAN series)

The Life of Christ, Book 3Book 3, The Year of Popularity, continues to investigate the forms and message of Jesus’ life and ministry begun in the previous books in the series. Building upon the content and skills mastered through the study of Books 1 and 2, the third introduces additional basic pastoral skills such as public and private prayer, the preparation of simple bible messages, visitation in homes, and leading others in the knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior.

How to Preach

How to PreachThis “loop” course is an accompaniment to the SEAN Compendium (following Book 3), but can also be used as a stand-alone course. It covers the theory and practice of preparing and presenting a Biblical message or talk.

The Life of Christ, Book 4 (SEAN series)

The Life of Christ, Book 4Book 4, The Year of Passion, continues the journey through the life of Jesus’ life and third year of ministry, leading up to the last week of passion. Skills covered include Bible geography, geographical structures, family ministry, Old Testament theology, psychology, creation and original sin, angelology, demonology, ecclesiology, Christian doctrines of death, baptism, and resurrection, Biblical interpretation, healthy relationships, the Apocrypha, study of the inter-testamental period, Biblical history, and sex, marriage, and family ministry.

The Life of Christ, Book 5 (SEAN series)

The Life of Christ, Book 5Book 5, The Year of Passion (the Last Week), leads the student through a study of the last week of Jesus’ life, known as Passion week. Book 5 covers Bible geography, Old Testament history, temple and tabernacle construction, interpretation of symbols and prophecy, human personality (anthropology), evangelism, sanctification, value assessment, human emotions, Biblical prophecy, eschatology, interpretation of parables, social ministry, church finances and record keeping, the doctrine of transubstantiation, prayer, and Bible chronology.

The Life of Christ, Book 6 (SEAN series)

The Life of Christ, Book 6Book 6, The Risen Life, completes the series of the compendium books while taking a look at post resurrection appearances of Jesus. The book continues with an analysis of the structure of the book of Acts. Topics covered include proofs of the resurrection, the Great Commission, missional outreach, church growth, pneumatology (the Holy Spirit), church ordinances, healing, church discipline, church offices, Bible history, personal evangelism, leadership development, and geographical and biographical analyses of Bible books.

Alliance Polity Course Online

The Alliance Polity course is required for all pastors seeking licensure with the C&MA.

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