Missions Emphasis 2016–2017

This year’s theme, “Prepare the way for the Lord,” based on Luke 3:4–6, reveals how God is on the move in our world, making a way for overlooked and isolated peoples to come to Him. He is inviting us to join Him in “preparing a way” so that ALL will see His salvation.

Missions Emphasis Resources

Alliance churches receive a Missions Emphasis Resource Kit each year. Below are links to download some of those materials. Additional copies of print and DVD resources are available, while supplies last, from the Alliance Service Center by calling toll-free 1-877-284-3262, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m., MST.

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Additional Resources

  • High Resolution Graphics: For high–resolution graphics, visit Box.net to download the native files.
  • Video Extra: Watch as President John Stumbo shares six points illustrating missions done well versus missions done poorly. Watch the video now.
  • Prepare The Way For The Lord [30:19]: This full sermon by U.S. C&MA VP for International Ministries Tim Crouch illustrates how God is moving people around the world and has invited us to join Him in reaching them. Available on DVD mailed to Alliance Churches in June.

Visit Prepare The Way to view online versions of the posters and video.

Prepare the Way for the Lord

A voice of one calling in the wilderness, “Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him. Every valley shall be filled in, every mountain and hill made low. The crooked roads shall become straight, the rough ways smooth. And all people will see God’s salvation.”

Luke 3:4–6 (quoting Isaiah 40)

Prepare the Way As Proclamation

John the Baptist saw Jesus’ coming as fulfillment of this proclamation—God is making a way for people like us to come to Him. The cry in the wilderness “Prepare the way of the Lord” is like a royal herald declaring, “The King is coming! Make way for the King!”

Despite the frightening events and daunting challenges of today’s wilderness world, the deeper reality is that God is forging a road on which He’ll move toward people and move them toward Himself. This is why we need a good-news vision of the world, not a nightly news vision!

God is a way–maker. Despite today’s “wilderness” world, He is active, making a way for the fulfillment of His promise.

Prepare the Way As Purpose

The cry “Prepare the way of the Lord” also declares a purpose for which we are to live. Our way-maker God calls us to join Him as way-makers as well. As we align our lives with who He is and what He’s doing, He’ll transform us and empower us to proclaim and demonstrate His way to others.

It is great to know He doesn’t ask us to go do this for Him, but to come do this with Him!

Way–makers are those who learn to see God’s ways in the world more than obstacles, to see people rather than problems, to see that threats are often opportunities. They love rather than fear (see John 4:18).

Prepare the Way As Promise

The Luke passage ends with a promise: “And all people will see God’s salvation.” He promises that those separated from Him by mountain barriers or overlooked in the valley crags into which they’ve fallen will not be left out. “All” means “all!”

Prepare the way of the Lord…And all people will see God’s salvation. What kind of life could we possibly rather live?

There is a lot of traffic on God’s road in our world today. He’s moving people groups toward Himself; He’s moving us toward them and them toward us.

Pray for Peoples

Praying for peoples of the world who most lack access to the good news is an effective way for Alliance family members to help fulfill the Great Commission. Our Pray for Peoples page is a practical tool that includes descriptions of seven people-group clusters where Alliance teams serve to create this access.