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A Season of Change, Part Two – Stumbo Video…

November 2019



John provides a fall Board of Directors meeting update on policy portions of the national conversations before the C&MA. “We’re sharpening the ax for greater mission fulfillment. It’s a good moment to be in The Alliance—don’t miss it!”

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Heavenly Differences – Snapshot

October 2019

United States


Bryan Lorritts encourages the Alliance family to be a church family of every tribe, tongue, and nation.

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John Stumbo Video Blog No. 50

September 2017


In this, his 50th video blog since becoming president, John shares his thoughts on a number of issues, including the recent Resonate gathering, a new generation of Alliance church planters, the Church’s response to racism, pitching in to help Hurricane Harvey victims, a newly forming theology of risk, and the “hustle and bustle” of the return of fall ministry in our churches—reminding us that it’s the Spirit who leads us down this next stretch of the river, and we are simply to join His flow.

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John Stumbo Video Blog No. 64

November 2018


This month, John shares a leadership challenge and an opportunity. A record 60 Alliance workers are trained and ready to be sent overseas—an answer to prayer. Meanwhile, the Great Commission Fund is $1.2 million behind for the fiscal year. John appeals to U.S. local church pastors and individual donors to give generously to the 2018 Year-End Offering to send these new workers to the field. “The God of this universe cares about the people of this planet, raises up people to be His spokespersons, and some of us have been called to be the senders. Let’s rise to that at this moment,” he concludes.

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Thumbnail image for Commingled Experiences – John Stumbo Video Blog No. 99

Commingled Experiences – John Stumbo Vi…

October 2021


John reflects on the normalcy of having conflicting emotions while walking an unhindered life with Christ.

Thumbnail image for Reflections on 1 Corinthians 15:58 – John Stumbo Video Blog No. 98

Reflections on 1 Corinthians 15:58 – John S…

September 2021


John reflects on the importance of keeping our eyes focused on Jesus and persevering in our work for the Lord.

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Demo Day Recap

August 2021

Columbus, Ohio


Thumbnail image for Curses Turned to Blessings

Curses Turned to Blessings

August 2021


“When I was a boy, I believed I was cursed. But it was not a curse—it was just a plan of God for me to help many people in my life.” Meeting and knowing God brought forgiveness, joy, and love into this West African man’s life.


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