Genre International Partnerships

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The Harvest in Europe

March 2018

Europe/Middle East


Refugees from the Middle East have come to Europe with an openness to the hope of Jesus Christ.

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Hope and Happiness

January 2018



An Alliance ministry brings hope to people at 14 different sites through AIDs awareness and games, including soccer.

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Papua United

January 2018



Alliance workers in Papua help young boys have a better life through soccer.

Thumbnail image for Jesus is Welcome Here

Jesus is Welcome Here

January 2018



U.S. Alliance church members help a ministry that shares the love of Christ with those in Africa who wouldn’t hear of Him otherwise.

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January 2018

Latin America


IncaLink reaches out to the 300 million youth in Latin America by providing supplies and planting churches.

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December 2017



“There’s something in me that stirs and says, ‘I can’t have been given all this for me,’” says Dr. Jerry, veterinarian and Alliance layperson.

Thumbnail image for The Harvest in the Middle East

The Harvest in the Middle East

November 2017

Middle East


People in the Middle East are asking new questions and gaining new desires for Jesus.

Thumbnail image for The Harvest in Cambodia

The Harvest in Cambodia

November 2017



Many people in Cambodia are now on fire for Jesus because of the work He has done through Alliance ministries.

Thumbnail image for What We Preach

What We Preach

November 2017


A reminder that what we preach comes from the power of God.

Thumbnail image for Give Back

Give Back

November 2017



A refugee from Liberia to Guinea seeks to go back to his home country to serve others just as CAMA served him in his youth.

Thumbnail image for Children’s Work

Children’s Work

November 2017



A missionary to Indonesia encourages opportunities to reach children for Christ and subsequently reach their families.

Thumbnail image for We Are Not Done

We Are Not Done

April 2017

Bangkok, Thailand


At the Alliance World Fellowship, John Stumbo reminds us that our mission is complete when all have heard about Jesus.

Thumbnail image for Rhythm of Its Own

Rhythm of Its Own

April 2017

United States


John Stumbo proclaims the music that will be made when all tribes, tongues, and nations one day worship together in Heaven.

Thumbnail image for Living the Dream

Living the Dream

March 2017

North and Central Asia


An Alliance partner in Nepal shares about his business that keeps girls out of trafficking and shows people who Jesus is.

Thumbnail image for Unity in the Holy Land

Unity in the Holy Land

March 2017



A pastor in Jerusalem shares the hope of revival as believers in Israel and Palestine come together to pray.

Thumbnail image for The King is Coming

The King is Coming

March 2017

United States


Tim Crouch shares Isaiah and John the Baptist's proclamation of the Lord and how it pertains to the current church.

Thumbnail image for Sacrifice in Indonesia

Sacrifice in Indonesia

March 2017



An Alliance leader in Indonesia shares his gratefulness for the missionaries of years ago that gave their lives for the gospel.

Thumbnail image for Alliance World Fellowship

Alliance World Fellowship

February 2017

Europe/Middle East


An Alliance pastor from the Netherlands shares the history and purpose of the Alliance World Fellowship.

Thumbnail image for A Simple Response

A Simple Response

February 2017

United Kingdom


A Peruvian missionary to the UK shares his realization about obedience to the call to missions.

Thumbnail image for Middle East History

Middle East History

February 2017

Europe/Middle East


The legacy of George Breadan and other Alliance missionaries in the Middle East is an example for the Alliance family today.

Thumbnail image for Identity of the Alliance

Identity of the Alliance

February 2017

United States


John Stumbo encourages the Alliance family to strive for diversity among the body of Christ.

Thumbnail image for Commission to the Church

Commission to the Church

February 2017

United States


John Stumbo reminds us of Christ's plan that all peoples would come before Him to worship.

Thumbnail image for John Stumbo Video Blog No. 40

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 40

November 2016

Bangkok, Thailand


Enjoy the latest video blog from President John Stumbo, filmed at last month’s Quadrennial Convocation of the Alliance World Fellowship in Bangkok, Thailand.

Thumbnail image for Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Alliance Council 2015 - Sunday Morning Session

May 2015

Sacramento, California


Raed Awabdeh tells his story about the Arab-American Learning Center in Sacramento, California, as well as his connection to the suffering Syrian church.

Thumbnail image for Alliance Council 2015: The Week in Review

Alliance Council 2015: The Week in Review

Alliance Council 2015 - Saturday Evening Service

May 2015

Long Beach, California


This video recap of the week at council will inspire and remind you of the move of God during this previous week.

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Envision: Green Gate

Envision Green Gate Internship

April 2015



Interns at Envision’s Green Gate program in Indonesia use a variety of tools—including sports, the arts, and English, to share Christ’s love with young people and their families.

Thumbnail image for The Frays in London

The Frays in London

December 2014

United Kingdom


Billy and Lorelei Fray discuss taking faith-filled risks to share the good news in London, England.

Thumbnail image for Portugal: Awaiting Harvest

Portugal: Awaiting Harvest

March 2013



Alliance workers in Portugal are seeing glimmers of hope for the gospel in a country that has been obsessed with death, devastated by financial instability, and spiritually darkened by cultish ancestral beliefs.

Thumbnail image for Totally In: Alliance Partnerships, Menomonie Part 1

Totally In: Alliance Partnerships, Menomonie …

November 2009



An Alliance worker in Mongolia explains how local churches are desperately needed to stand with missionary teams on the field who are fighting spiritual battles. Menomonie church members claim that Alliance Ministry Partnerships has equipped their congregation to do this well.

Thumbnail image for Totally In: Alliance Partnerships, Menomonie Part 2

Totally In: Alliance Partnerships, Menomonie …

November 2009



Menomonie Alliance Church in Wisconsin is a pioneering congregation in the Ministry Partnership movement. Produced in 2009.


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