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The Heart of God – Snapshot

February 2019


Jen Vogel shares how the worldwide work of The Alliance is caring for and redeeming marginalized people and families.

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Jesus is Welcome Here

January 2018



U.S. Alliance church members help a ministry that shares the love of Christ with those in Africa who wouldn’t hear of Him otherwise.

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Proven Impact

November 2017



Dr. John Stumbo praises the Lord and the ministry of CAMA Services for bringing hope to orphans in Vietnam.

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Needs Met

November 2017



A woman in Indonesia, after suffering the loss of her husband, finds work and hope through the ministry of CAMA Services.

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Relief Work in Africa

October 2017



Mike Sohm and other CAMA workers in Africa share how the Lord is using their ministry to spread the Gospel to the unreached.

Thumbnail image for The People of Nepal

The People of Nepal

October 2017



In the midst of natural disasters in Nepal in recent years, CAMA Services seeks to be intentional in serving the people affected.

Thumbnail image for Report on Puerto Rico for Alliance Churches

Report on Puerto Rico for Alliance Churches

October 2017

Puerto Rico


U.S. C&MA President John Stumbo reminds the Alliance family that we don’t grieve the impact of recent natural disasters without hope. Rather, with the love of God flowing through us, we will overcome.

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The Mission of Hope

April 2017



Impacted by the Ebola crisis, the Hope Clinic in Guinea resolves to serve those around them and show Christ's love.

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March 2017



In the aftermath of Ebola, international workers in Guinea share the love of Jesus to those impacted by the epidemic.

Thumbnail image for My Part

My Part

March 2017

United States


John Stumbo reminds us that the Alliance provides ways for us to serve refugees and lost people if we will seek the Lord.

Thumbnail image for Ebola People

Ebola People

CAMA Guinea

January 2017



CAMA workers reach out to outcasts in an African society who have been affected by Ebola.

Thumbnail image for Together We Can Do More

Together We Can Do More

September 2016



President John Stumbo challenges The Alliance family to help answer the cries of displaced, oppressed, and suffering peoples in some of the world's most hopeless places. Led by His Spirit, strengthened by your prayers, and supported by your generosity, we CAN do something. We ARE doing something. And WE WILL DO MORE!

Thumbnail image for Preparing the Way in Nepal

Preparing the Way in Nepal

Missions Emphasis 2016-2017

July 2016

North and Central Asia


Alliance workers in Nepal are partnering with believers to prepare the way for the gospel of hope by providing relief after a devastating earthquake, creating vocational and educational alternatives to the rampant human trafficking, and introducing suffering people to a loving, comforting Savior. Learn more on our Prepare The Way Web page!

Thumbnail image for Oumar’s Healing

Oumar’s Healing

July 2016



A father shares the story of his son Oumar's physical healing and his family's newfound hope in Jesus.

Thumbnail image for Kids Learn

Kids Learn

June 2016

North America


Children's disciplemaking specialist Melissa MacDonald urges us to instruct and guide children beyond just the point of conversion.

Thumbnail image for Grateful Families

Grateful Families

June 2016

Europe/Middle East


Syrian refugee families express their gratitude to CAMA workers and church members who help provide for their needs.

Thumbnail image for What Does Love Look Like?

What Does Love Look Like?

A pursuit of Jesus Himself

October 2015

National Office


President John Stumbo challenges Christ followers in Alliance churches to live beyond themselves, for blessed is the person whose heart has been made large by the love of God.

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Together: Poetic Montage

Alliance Council 2015 - Thursday Morning Session

May 2015

Long Beach, California


We are stretching toward the light—together!

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CAMA: Middle East Refugee Relief

April 2015

Middle East


Alliance workers in the Middle East need our help to care for the refugees who have been displaced by civil war and the advance of radical extremists.

Thumbnail image for Great Commission Day 2015

Great Commission Day 2015

March 2015

Middle East


Courageous workers have risen to Jesus’ invitation to sow seeds of hope in some of the world’s most spiritually barren landscapes. He has called us to support and equip these “sent ones.” Your gift to the Great Commission Day Offering shouts, “We will!”

Thumbnail image for Broken-El Salvador

Broken-El Salvador

September 2014

El Salvador


Thumbnail image for A Syrian Testimony

A Syrian Testimony

September 2013

Middle East


Watch a testimony of a Syrian refugee who received care through the outreach of an Arab Alliance church. Be sure to visit to learn more about the ministry of The Alliance.

Thumbnail image for Syrian Refugees: An Alliance Calling

Syrian Refugees: An Alliance Calling

November 2012

Middle East


In Arab culture, visiting people's homes means you respect and honor them. Our Alliance family in the Middle East is visiting the homes of those who have been desperately displaced in the recent Syrian refugee crisis. Also, they are providing for refugees’ basic needs and praying with them in Jesus' name. Visit to learn more or to make an online donation.

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Hurricane Sandy Relief

November 2012

United States


Jordan Christopher, managing producer of the Alliance Video office, experienced firsthand the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy during a recent visit to the hurricane-ravaged Metropolitan District. In this video, Jordan shares his thoughts about the visit.

Thumbnail image for Ishinomaki, Japan—One Year Later

Ishinomaki, Japan—One Year Later

March 2012



On March 11, 2011, Japan suffered the greatest destruction and loss of life since World War II. A 9.0- magnitude earthquake, followed by a devastating tsunami and nuclear reactor accident, created a “triple disaster.” One year later, Alliance workers are bringing help and hope to the people of Ishinomaki, one of the hardest-hit areas of the catastrophe. On March 29, 2012, the New Life Center was dedicated. To read more please visit: Interview footage courtesy of Paul Johannessen.

Thumbnail image for Finding Faith

Finding Faith

November 2006

United States


Acts 29 Fellowship offers practical help and spiritual hope to lost and hurting people in urban Detroit. Produced in 2006.


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