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Location Burkina Faso

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Praising Church

June 2016

Burkina Faso


In a Christ-transformed village in Burkina Faso, families come to church to pray, sing, dance, and rejoice in the Lord!

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People of Peace

June 2016

Burkina Faso


Alliance workers in the Kenedougou region of Burkina Faso celebrate God's faithfulness in multiplying His church.

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Breaking Strongholds

June 2014

Burkina Faso


God is calling the people of Burkina Faso back to Himself. As the Holy Spirit spoke to members of the new congregation, they became determined to spread the gospel among their own people. Watch as workers and nationals share the story of broken strongholds and a powerful Savior.

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A Day in the Life of Awa: Burkina Faso

August 2013

Burkina Faso


To Awa, a 12-year-old girl in a small village in Burkina Faso, a typical day consists of prayers, chores, school, homework, dancing, singing, and playing games. But most of all, she loves going to church and hearing about Jesus.

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Dorcas House: Esther’s Story

September 2012

Burkina Faso


A young woman in Burkina Faso was ostracized by her family and forced into prostitution. Through the ministry of Dorcas House, she was able to abandon her old life and receive and extend grace.

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Dorcas House: An Overview

September 2012

Burkina Faso


Some women in Burkina Faso lack the education needed to escape the cycle of poverty. Many are forced into prostitution as a means to survive. Dorcas House, a ministry of Alliance Women in Burkina, provides training and discipleship that offer young women an alternative. Visit for more information about the ministry of The Alliance

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My Stuff or God’s Stuff: Sammy’s …

Alliance Core Values – Session 3

March 2011

Burkina Faso


"When God tells me to do something I want to do it no matter what, even if it's giving all of my money."

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Obeying God = True Success

Big Ideas Core Values - Session 4

March 2011

Burkina Faso


"I could buy a doll with this money, but it would remind me of how I could have fed kids just like me."

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AIDS in Africa

November 2001

Burkina Faso


Compassionate care and education from Alliance workers provide hope to a continent ravaged by AIDS. Produced in 2001.


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