40 Days of Prayer

The Alliance family brings their hearts and hands together for 40 Days of Prayer.

Alliance Audio

Listen to audio recordings, speakers, and interviews captured by the Alliance Video team during domestic and international C&MA events.

Alliance Council

From keynote speakers and worship services to seminars and ministry strategy sessions, Alliance Council is designed to help you connect with old friends, mingle with Alliance international workers, and take part in strategic discussions for the future of The Alliance.

Alliance Snap Shots

Alliance Snap Shots are video shorts designed to grab your attention and dynamically introduce you to what the Alliance family is doing both domestically and internationally.

Alliance Video Magazine

Since 1987, the Alliance Video Magazine (AVM) has been telling the story of The Alliance and bundling many of those stories on a single DVD. The AVM is intended to give viewers a firsthand look at spiritual needs all over the world and to report on The C&MA's multi-faceted biblical response. Each issue follows a magazine format with separate segments making up the whole. They are available to be used independently or all together, depending on the viewer's desires. Send an email to [email protected] for more information about Alliance Video Magazine DVDs.


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The C&MA has a rich, God-given legacy. Today, many in the worldwide Alliance family are beginning to rediscover our movement's "Spiritual DNA." The C&MA DNA study series has been created to increase our understanding of what it means to live victoriously in Christ—to "be Alliance"—embracing God's plans, purposes, and empowerment for our lives.

Child Safety

The Alliance is uncompromising in its call to protect and nurture the children within its scope of care and responsibility. In the first, six-part series, "Keeping Children Safe," you will be challenged by the gravity of child sexual abuse, learn practical ways to prevent it, and receive clear guidelines on what you’re to do when abuse is suspected in an overseas context in your work with The Alliance.

From the Alliance Family

Great Commission Day

Great Commission (GC) Day is a celebration of what God is doing through the worldwide work of The Alliance. The practice of giving sacrificially to build Christ’s Kingdom—in times of abundance and of scarcity—has been an Alliance distinctive from the very beginning. GC Day is an opportunity for the U.S. Alliance family to express its commitment to pushing back the darkness in the remaining unreached parts of our world.

John Stumbo Video Blog

In this blog, released on the 12th of each month, U.S. Alliance President John Stumbo unpacks issues God has been nurturing in his heart and mind. The blog is meant to initiate fruitful dialogue on topics important to our growth as Jesus followers and to our mission as a Christ-centered, Acts 1:8 family.


What happens when thousands of students and adult sponsors spend five days in the inner city, listening to great speakers, engaging in hands-on workshops, studying God’s Word, attending concerts, serving the city through community projects, and sharing the experience together? Lives are radically transformed for the glory of God!

Missions Emphasis

In July of each year, every Alliance church is mailed a Missions Emphasis Kit. This kit informs of the theme as well as provides promotional resources and videos for your church to use. The videos contained in this series are based on the Missions Emphasis theme for a given year. They contain specific information related to that year's theme and contain compelling stories presented with an end goal of inspiring the viewer to consider ways to further engage in the mission of the C&MA and their local church.

Perspectives on a Pandemic

U.S. Alliance President John Stumbo speaks into the unprecedented events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.


An Alliance regional deeper life and missions event.


Together as a Christ-centered, Acts 1:8 family, we will Love, Proclaim, Reach, and Launch.


At the close of each year, the Alliance family is invited to end the year with an additional financial gift. These gifts enable workers within the Alliance to expand their combined efforts to establish long-term communities of faith in some of the world’s most hopeless places. These videos are themed around an annual Year End emphasis and tell specific stories related to that year's focus. They contain compelling stories presented with an end goal of inspiring the viewer to a deeper engagement in missions and to give to the Great Commission Fund.

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