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The Fruits of Ministry

June 2016



The seeds of the gospel are beginning to take root in Portugal and will one day bear fruit.

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The Church in Germany

June 2016



Alliance workers labor to revive the church in Germany, which, amidst the ornate cathedrals, is viewed as antiquated and irrelevant.

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Refugee Support Center

June 2016

Sacramento, California


Raed Awabdeh shares how the Arab-American Learning Center in Sacramento cares for the physical and spiritual needs of refugees.

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Prayer Movement

June 2016


Dr. David Hearn, president of the C&MA in Canada, shares his vision for a prayer movement within the worldwide Alliance family.

Thumbnail image for Praising Church

Praising Church

June 2016

Burkina Faso


In a Christ-transformed village in Burkina Faso, families come to church to pray, sing, dance, and rejoice in the Lord!

Thumbnail image for People of Peace

People of Peace

June 2016

Burkina Faso


Alliance workers in the Kenedougou region of Burkina Faso celebrate God's faithfulness in multiplying His church.

Thumbnail image for Not Alone

Not Alone

June 2016

Colorado Springs, Colorado


While hiking the Manitou Incline, John Stumbo reminds us that some things aren't meant to be done alone. Ministry is one of them.

Thumbnail image for Noise


June 2016



President John Stumbo admonishes us to focus on what is good, true, right, lovely, and peace giving in the midst of life's noise.

Thumbnail image for Lives Turned Around

Lives Turned Around

June 2016

United States


Greg and Danielle from Alaska share how God turned their lives from despair to hope.

Thumbnail image for Kids Serve

Kids Serve

June 2016

North America


Melissa MacDonald encourages us to see children as part of the serving and worshipping church.

Thumbnail image for Kids Learn

Kids Learn

June 2016

North America


Children's disciplemaking specialist Melissa MacDonald urges us to instruct and guide children beyond just the point of conversion.

Thumbnail image for Hope for a Family

Hope for a Family

June 2016



A couple in Paraguay gives the testimony of how their third child was born healthy despite a devastating prognosis from doctors.

Thumbnail image for Grateful Families

Grateful Families

June 2016

Europe/Middle East


Syrian refugee families express their gratitude to CAMA workers and church members who help provide for their needs.

Thumbnail image for God’s Healing

God’s Healing

June 2016

Latin America


A man in Puerto Rico, once facing a severe illness, finds healing as he trusts in God and receives prayer from his Alliance church family.

Thumbnail image for Futsal at Green Gate

Futsal at Green Gate

June 2016



An Alliance worker in Indonesia uses soccer to build relationships and share the love of Jesus with boys in the community.

Thumbnail image for For Such a Time as This

For Such a Time as This

June 2016

United States


At Alliance Council 2015, President John Stumbo encourages the Alliance family to live in preparedness for Christ's return.

Thumbnail image for Engaging With Community

Engaging With Community

June 2016



Alliance workers in London explore creative, relevant approaches to forming meaningful relationships within a very "private" culture.

Thumbnail image for Broken and Willing

Broken and Willing

June 2016

El Salvador


A former Envision staff member in El Salvador quotes Alliance founder, A.B. Simpson, about the need to be meek, broken, and yielded.

Thumbnail image for A Story from Paris

A Story from Paris

June 2016



Dr. John Stumbo shares a story of a Middle Eastern woman in Paris hoping to go back and share Christ with her unbelieving family.

Thumbnail image for Coach and Mentor

Coach and Mentor

May 2016

United States


A coach at Crown College mentors his players and other students to be passionate Christ followers.

Thumbnail image for One Again

One Again

May 2016

United States


An Alliance pastor rallies his church and small Nebraska community to build a home for a family who lost everything in a flood.


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