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Thumbnail image for The Church is Silent — Snapshot

The Church is Silent — Snapshot

September 2019


John Stumbo reflects on the martyrdom of an Alliance worker in the Middle East in 2002.

Thumbnail image for The Nations — Snapshot

The Nations — Snapshot

September 2019


Terry Smith encourages the Alliance family to put aside personal preferences of worship and show Jesus to all kinds of people.

Thumbnail image for Opportunity — Snapshot

Opportunity — Snapshot

September 2019


Envision sites provide opportunities for discipleship and growth beyond the length of a short-term trip.

Thumbnail image for Teaching Kids — Snapshot

Teaching Kids — Snapshot

September 2019


Melissa MacDonald encourages those who work with kids to be constantly open for Jesus to do a work in their lives.

Thumbnail image for No More Suffering — Snapshot

No More Suffering — Snapshot

August 2019


An Alliance pastor in Iraq explains how he shares hope in Christ to Muslims who believe in works-based salvation.

Thumbnail image for Not Just a Job — Snapshot

Not Just a Job — Snapshot

August 2019


A young missionary couple learns to see missions not solely as a series of tasks but as a true calling.

Thumbnail image for Humble Learners — Snapshot

Humble Learners — Snapshot

August 2019


Envision sites around the world invite short-term teams to learn from new cultures rather than imposing their own.

Thumbnail image for Look Up — Snapshot

Look Up — Snapshot

August 2019


An Alliance pastor in Jordan shares the hope he has for Christ's return even in a world that rejects God.

Thumbnail image for Friends for Life — Snapshot

Friends for Life — Snapshot

August 2019


Individuals in Baytown, Texas, affected by Hurricane Harvey thank the Alliance for sending relief.

Thumbnail image for Stories — Snapshot

Stories — Snapshot

July 2019


Melissa MacDonald shares the importance of sharing your own story of faith with those around you, including children.

Thumbnail image for Love for Jesus — Snapshot

Love for Jesus — Snapshot

July 2019


John Stumbo tells a woman's story whose prayer became for her son to love Jesus rather than to love her.

Thumbnail image for Life Change — Snapshot

Life Change — Snapshot

July 2019


Melissa MacDonald shares the story of a young camper called to missions.

Thumbnail image for Direct Them to Jesus — Snapshot

Direct Them to Jesus — Snapshot

July 2019


An Alliance pastor in the Middle East explains how he prays for and ministers to those in his community who do not yet know Jesus.

Thumbnail image for Grandparents — Snapshot

Grandparents — Snapshot

June 2019


John Stumbo explains the church planting legacy of church plants all over the world, using an analogy of grandparenting.

Thumbnail image for Christ Our Healer — Snapshot

Christ Our Healer — Snapshot

June 2019


An Alliance pastor in Lebanon shares his story of wrestling with the idea of Christ being a healer.

Thumbnail image for The Next Great Movement — Snapshot

The Next Great Movement — Snapshot

June 2019


Dave Reynolds explains how The Alliance began with a single church plant and asks where our next great movements of God will come.

Thumbnail image for Share Power — Snapshot

Share Power — Snapshot

June 2019


Envision sites invite Western short-term teams to come alongside those whom they serve rather than talking down to them.

Thumbnail image for Testimonies — Snapshot

Testimonies — Snapshot

May 2019


Alliance workers from all over the world share ways in which their ministries were blessed because of the Alliance family's giving.

Thumbnail image for The History of Missions — Snapshot

The History of Missions — Snapshot

May 2019


Envision sites encourage short-term teams to view missions beyond just their Western church contexts.

Thumbnail image for A Joyful Burden — Snapshot

A Joyful Burden — Snapshot

May 2019


John Stumbo describes how God affirmed and assured him as he prepared to accept the mantle of leadership as president of the U.S. Alliance.

Thumbnail image for A World Gone Wrong — Snapshot

A World Gone Wrong — Snapshot

May 2019


John Stumbo reminds us that God is still God even in the midst of turmoil.

Thumbnail image for After the Earthquakes — Snapshot

After the Earthquakes — Snapshot

May 2019


CAMA workers respond with the love of Christ to those affected by an Indonesian earthquake.

Thumbnail image for Untouchable – Snapshot

Untouchable – Snapshot

April 2019


An Alliance pastor in Jordan shares a woman’s story of healing and how such stories are evidence of Christ to others in the region.

Thumbnail image for Unprecedented – Snapshot

Unprecedented – Snapshot

March 2019


Following Hurricane Harvey, Alliance and CAMA workers were some of the first to respond—bringing relief and Christ’s love.

Thumbnail image for The Heart of God – Snapshot

The Heart of God – Snapshot

February 2019


Jen Vogel shares how the worldwide work of The Alliance is caring for and redeeming marginalized people and families.


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