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The Bridge

March 2021


A new community center in Kosovo is caring for many people, including first generation Christians with the hope of building up God’s Church.

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Why Church Planting

February 2021


President John Stumbo explains the importance of church planting in sharing the gospel with our communities.

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The Storyline

February 2021


"In the end, God is at work in this world, building His Church."

Thumbnail image for Students on Outreach

Students on Outreach

February 2021


"I want to reach a point in my life where I’m talking to a nonbeliever and I know I have the right tools to be able to answer their questions."

Thumbnail image for Students on Judging

Students on Judging

February 2021


"We have to focus on loving more."

Thumbnail image for Students on Community

Students on Community

February 2021


"If we are all strong in the Lord, then we can be the Church anywhere."

Thumbnail image for Students on Churches

Students on Churches

February 2021


"I love the way that they guide us through the path of life and how they’re always there to support us."

Thumbnail image for Students on Being Heard

Students on Being Heard

February 2021


"I really think the Church needs to say, 'We want you, and we want you to make a difference.'"

Thumbnail image for Self-Sufficient


February 2021


The Guinea Agropastoral Project cares for widows and other poor families so they can provide for themselves and their communities.

Thumbnail image for Rebuilding


February 2021


In May 2019, 13 tornadoes destroyed more than 500 homes in Dayton, Ohio, but Alliance churches came together to help rebuild.

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Pure Gold

February 2021


In 1945, Darlene Rose told about her final day in captivity after four years in a prison camp.

Thumbnail image for Pass Along

Pass Along

February 2021


Only two percent of the Deaf know Jesus, but an Alliance church plant is passionate about reaching them.

Thumbnail image for Outlived


January 2021


"Will we invest our lives in that which outlives us as we give ourselves to Kingdom work?"

Thumbnail image for Not Broken

Not Broken

January 2021


"The Church can really have a voice in what it means to care well for people who are in crisis."

Thumbnail image for Not Abandoned

Not Abandoned

January 2021


In Asia 240 orphans have received the care they need to avoid human trafficking and have a brighter future.

Thumbnail image for Lockdown


January 2021


Alliance international workers in Manila, Philippines, cared for those who couldn’t work in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Thumbnail image for It Belongs to You

It Belongs to You

January 2021


Learn about the first Alliance ministry in India.

Thumbnail image for God Provides

God Provides

January 2021


Envision Miami partnered with local law enforcement and schools to provide 8,000 pounds of produce every week to families in need.

Thumbnail image for Forge Church

Forge Church

January 2021


"People are being stretched. They’re realizing that if they want to be a follower of Christ, it’s not going to be easy."

Thumbnail image for Fear


January 2021


"It is right that we have fear about some things in life, but when fear leads, it usually leads to negative places."

Thumbnail image for First Contact

First Contact

January 2021


A church-planting team in Eastern Europe distributed food to 330 families, many of whom have not had contact with Christians.

Thumbnail image for Coming Back

Coming Back

January 2021


Disaster relief work is opening hearts in areas that were previously resistant to the gospel.

Thumbnail image for Called


January 2021


Alliance workers share how they were called to ministry through LIFE Conference.

Thumbnail image for A Plan For People

A Plan For People

January 2021


God is working among unreached groups in Cambodia through online Alliance ministries.


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