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Spring 2015

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Knit Together

Alliance Council 2015 - Saturday Morning Session

May 2015



An Alliance missionary couple from Paraguay gives testimony of God’s power displayed through the healing of their son.

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More Than a Savior

Alliance Council 2015 - Saturday Morning Session

May 2015

Puerto Rico


Noel Piñero Planas, an Alliance layperson and ESPN reporter in Puerto Rico, shares how God carried him through some difficult trials and healed his body and soul.

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Manna For Today

Alliance Council 2015 - Saturday Morning Session

May 2015

Crown College


Crown College baseball coach, Mike Gmetro, tells the story of how God healed him from Crohn’s disease at Alliance Council 2013.

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Why Is It So Important To Reach Kids?

Alliance Council 2015 - Thursday Morning Session

May 2015

United States


Kids are very receptive to the gospel. Melissa MacDonald, explains why it is so important that we not only evangelize children but also disciple them.

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The Apostle’s Creed

Alliance Council 2015 - Wednesday Evening Session

May 2015

United States


The Apostle’s Creed recited by people from all walks of life.

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Envision: Green Gate

Envision Green Gate Internship

April 2015



Interns at Envision’s Green Gate program in Indonesia use a variety of tools—including sports, the arts, and English, to share Christ’s love with young people and their families.

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CAMA: Middle East Refugee Relief

April 2015

Middle East


Alliance workers in the Middle East need our help to care for the refugees who have been displaced by civil war and the advance of radical extremists.

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Great Commission Day 2015

March 2015

Middle East


Courageous workers have risen to Jesus’ invitation to sow seeds of hope in some of the world’s most spiritually barren landscapes. He has called us to support and equip these “sent ones.” Your gift to the Great Commission Day Offering shouts, “We will!”

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Thank You 2014

January 2015

United States


Dennis Whalen, Alliance vice president for Development, tells stories of what the Great Commission Fund has made possible, including the building of a school in the Middle East that gives children access to a quality education—and the gospel.


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