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Fall 2016

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Poetic Montage

January 2017

United States


Short clips of different cultures that the Alliance serves are shown as a poem about the importance of missions is read.

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Tuning Fork

A.W. Tozer

January 2017

United States


Rosilio Roman recites an A.W. Tozer quote that explains our need for a community that is tuned to God.

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Annie’s Story

January 2017



A woman in France, Annie, was given life when she began to see God as her rescuer, rather than as a harsh ruler who only punishes.

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Acts 1:8

A.W. Tozer

January 2017

United States


A.W. Tozer reads Acts 1:8, the theme verse of Alliance missions.

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Renew the City: New York

January 2017

New York City, New York


Renew the City allows Christians to revive a new community and share the love and light of Jesus Christ through service.

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House of Hope

January 2017



Learn how House of Hope helps young women in Chile transition from living in an orphanage to being part of the adult world.

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Alliance Camps Matter

January 2017

United States


Melissa MacDonald explains the necessity of camps for Alliance youth.

Thumbnail image for Ebola People

Ebola People

CAMA Guinea

January 2017



CAMA workers reach out to outcasts in an African society who have been affected by Ebola.

Thumbnail image for From Nothing to Everything

From Nothing to Everything

January 2017



A student in Paris, France, explains how architecture and Christian community brought him passion and joy in the midst of his emptiness.

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Greater Family

January 2017



Daybreak Church held a 5K that raised $13,000 for the Great Commission Fund, not including the offerings they took at the service they held after the race.

Thumbnail image for Leave Everything

Leave Everything

January 2017

Dominican Republic


International workers Keren Peña and Miguel Rodríguez tell their testimonies of giving up everything to serve God through missions.

Thumbnail image for Choose Love

Choose Love

January 2017

Europe/Middle East


Years after being impacted by a terrorist attack in the Middle East, an Alliance workers reflects on her decision to be motivated by love over fear.

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Ministry in Papua

January 2017



Watch as Todd Adams, international worker in Indonesia, shares the story of ministry among the Dani people.


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