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We Are A Family

June 2018

North America


Various Alliance members and workers explain what it means to be a part of the Alliance family.

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Restored Hope in Houston (A CAMA Services Sto…

June 2018

United States


Wave after wave of work teams from Alliance churches traveled across the country to provide extra hands and hope to hurting communities in the Greater Houston area.

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Overlooked Kids

June 2018

United States


“God is at work in them, and when we overlook them, we miss a piece of what God desires to show us.”

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Karina’s Story

June 2018



“We wanted Casa Elizabeth to be a home, a place where they have a family. We want all of our girls that come here to recognize and have an encounter with Jesus,” says Elisa Brown, an Alliance international worker serving at Casa Elizabeth, a home for pregnant teens.

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A Sinner Like Me

June 2018



“God is perfect. I am a sinner. How could He ever accept me now that I was so filthy and unlovable?” says a noodle shop owner in Thailand.

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We Are The Alliance

November 2017

United States


The Alliance was born out of a passion for Jesus and a heart for lost people. Centered in Him and empowered by His Spirit, our message remains unchanged and our mission remains uncompromising–until all have had the opportunity to hear of His inbounding grace, unrestrained mercy, and unyielding love.

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Church in the Park

October 2017

United States


People that have never experienced the supernatural power of God will always encounter it in this place because we’ve established a ripe environment for Jesus to show up,” says Merrill Smock, an Alliance church planter in Baltimore, Maryland.

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In Our Own Backyard

October 2017

North America


“It comes down to a spirit of profound concern for lost people,” says Andy Gardner, pastor of Fairlane Alliance Church in Dearborn, Michigan. “God has brought them out of their comfort zone into our backyard.”

Thumbnail image for Where Were You Called?

Where Were You Called?

October 2017


Alliance workers explain the diverse ways that God called them to serve Him.

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Transition in Latin America

October 2017

Latin America


National churches in many Latin American countries have become strong enough to sustain their own ministries and reach their own people.

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Imprisoned for a Purpose

October 2017



A few years after Ms. Moum's husband was murdered, she was thrown in prison for a crime she didn't commit. How could anything good come from this?

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Beyond Ordinary

December 2016



“When I was leaving, my father said, ‘How can you go there when your own family needs you?’ But God had to be first, even above my family,” says Judy Gaskins, an Alliance international worker for nearly 45 years. For more of her story, see “Judy’s Kids” in the January/February 2017 issue of Alliance Life magazine.

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Freely Forgiven

December 2016

United States


Danny Amos, who spent 50 years in prison, found community and purpose for his life because of the compassion of an Alliance church in Wisconsin. For more of his story, see “Freely Forgiven” in the January/February 2017 issue of Alliance Life magazine.

Thumbnail image for Peace Amid Life’s Trials

Peace Amid Life’s Trials

August 2016



Lily from Sarajevo, Bosnia tells how she found Christ and a church family through her husband’s illness.

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Night to Shine

February 2016

Rome, New York


“It’s not about the program we offer. It’s about what God’s been able to do in their individual lives because we happen to have a program.”


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