We Are There: 2014 Year End Offering

October 7, 2014


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Together, we’re engaged in history’s most significant work . . . preparing the way for Christ’s return by bringing the gospel to the earth’s least-reached places—the greatest headline of all. The Alliance Year-End Offering will enable Alliance workers—here in the United States and around the world—to expand their ministries and establish long-term communities of faith in the world’s most hopeless places.


I watch the same news you do. But, I confess, I watch it differently now that I’m the U. S. President of The Alliance.

You know what this year has been like. Almost every newspaper or newscast informed us of tensions between Russian and Ukraine. Masses fleeing Syria. Broken cease-fires between Israel and Palestine. Religious extremists marching across Iraq. Ebola marching across West Africa.

You’ve seen the headlines. What you may not know is that we are there! Years ago, the sovereign hand of God placed The Alliance in the very regions that now receive world attention. Decades of your prayers, your financial contributions and your sending of workers now position us—by God’s direction—in places of great turmoil.

In a God-orchestrated way, the Alliance is present with teams who know the language and culture of the people. And of course, they also know something most of the local people do not know: the Love of Jesus.

In some of these locales it is the national church that remains to carry out the work –receiving the refugee, grieving with the mourner, sheltering the homeless, all in the life-changing name of Jesus—and doing so at the risk of their very lives.

In other places, our international workers remain as foreigners in blood-stained lands …doing the work we’ve always done—bring the Gospel in word and deed for the help of humanity, the saving of souls and the building of Christ’s church.  These sent ones are committed for the long haul, often refusing opportunities to come home so as not to abandon the suffering. Some of our team members are having unprecedented opportunities to lead people to Jesus and they don’t want to miss it.

You see the headlines. These are places we are active. These are days we must be in prayer. These are reasons to give to the Alliance. These are opportunities make Christ known, and this is all preparation for the return of Christ Himself.

I’m humbled to be part of this family that God has raised up for times such as these.  And, I’m very pleased to report that this year nearly four dozen new missionaries—the highest number in years—each of them called, trained and equipped—have been sent to reinforce teams and open new ministries.

Think about this. Together, we’re engaged in history’s most significant work . . . preparing the way for the return of Christ by bringing the Gospel to earth’s least reached places. That’s the greatest “headline” of all.

This is why, once again, my wife and I are joyfully giving a year-end offering to The Alliance. Please consider this as my invitation to you to do so as well. The vast majority of the resources that forward this great work come through the individual giving of Alliance people. It’s us—you and me—that make this happen. Gifts small and large advance our mission. Please join us.

Thank you to those who have given in the past. Thank you to those who will give this year. God bless you.


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