A Widow’s Calling

December 3, 2014


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A single woman working among men, Mama Honorine plants village churches.


I was born in Christian family. I felt my calling to ministry from childhood. At of the age of nine, I started to teach the other children. At the age of sixteen I had already started preaching. In 1969, I married my husband. We both worked in the church. He was the director of a large choir. I was a Sunday school instructor, and I also taught the women. In 1994, I lost my husband. My husband and my mother died the very same week. Then in 1997, I lost my only daughter. I was so overwhelmed; I didn’t think I could continue.

Here, widows are people that are abandoned. Sometimes you have no place to sleep; you have no home. Here, even your parents won’t support you. But God loves the widows. He never abandons his children.

The Bible gives us a good example in Dorcas. We can see how she lived. The Lord gave me a song about Dorcas—that she was widow that worked hard in the church and was there to bless the church. Just as my husband served God to the end of his life, I want to spend the rest of my life doing His work.

I am a single woman working among many men. It’s not easy. But you have to keep your faith in Jesus Christ. You just have a spirit of forgiveness, and you will always continue with joy in your work. I love to evangelize, and I love planting churches. I am very satisfied to do the Lord’s work, even if I have nothing. The Lord knows what I need. I want to continue serving Him to the very end, because God doesn’t look at where we start—it’s how we finish that counts.

“Mama Honorine continues to plant village churches.”

“Pray for the Church in the Republic of Congo.”


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