A Day in the Life of Santiago: Paraguay

December 3, 2014


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Nine-year-old Santiago gives GC Kidz a glimpse of his life in Paraguay.


Hi my name is Santiago I am nine years old, and I live in Paraguay, South America. My hometown is Asuncion, which is the capital city of Paraguay. It’s right next to Argentina.

These are some of my neighbors. We speak two languages: Spanish and the native language, Guarani.

Since it’s warm here all year long, walking to school isn’t so bad. My mother goes with me to keep me safe and because she loves me. “I love you, too, mom.”

At school, my favorite subject is math, but I am pretty good at history, too.

This is my friend, Marcos. During recess, we run a lot or play tag and hopscotch. As soon as school is over, I head home to do my homework and chores. To help around the house I sweep, do dishes, and take out the trash. Chores don’t take me very long.

Today, I have to work on my writing. Mom brings out my desk, so I can do my homework outside. I love being outside.

Another thing I like to do is go to a park near my house. My friend, Oscar, brings a ball so we can play what we call football, but I think you call it soccer. I make a good goalie, and Oscar is pretty good at picks. At the park, there is a slide, swings, a climbing tower, and seesaws.

One of my favorite things to do is to go to church. I always invite my friends, because I want them to learn about God’s love for them. I love all the music and love listening to Pastor John. He is a missionary and learned Spanish just so he could talk to us. Maybe someday I’ll be a missionary or play guitar. I also like our Sunday school teacher; she is really good at sharing stories from the Bible.

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