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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Dear Friends and Family,

What a pivotal time in the history of the world, the Covid 19 crisis. We, as God's kids are going to weather it just fine, trusting in His ongoing grace towards us in Christ Jesus.
We continue the medical ministry in our provincial city, serving the needy and hurting. It is a privilege to be here at such a time. Although our country has not yet been hit with the pandemic, the working class is definitely beginning to feel the economic crunch. So many are out of work. It may not be long until the people we serve begin to go without regular meals. May God give us wisdom and resources to help those He directs us to help - through the best possible avenue, the local church, which is the Body of Christ.
Thank you to all of you who are still able to give sacrificially to the effort of reaching the lost together as a team, you on that side of the ocean, and us, here. May God use these days of uncertainty to finally open up the spiritual eyes and hearts of those who would otherwise have been closed to His love.
We love and appreciate the folks at home, with whom we partner for the sake of Christ, His Kingdom and His love for the lost world. Grace and peace be yours. In Him, Kent and Chris

Peace, love and joy in Christ. Kent and Chris Copeland

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

1) Pray that the leadership of the Living Water Church will continue to grow strong, that the people will be zealous for Christ, love each other, and come out stronger from the winepress that we are currently experiencing because of Covid 19.

2) Please pray for the Body of Christ in Cambodia, that it will hold strong against the spirit of this age and Materialism - standing strong in love and unity. May God teach us what it means to truly be the Body of Christ, caring for the 'least' of these.

3) Please pray for our parents, who we would love to be with. It can be very lonely restricted to your home.

4) Please pray for our kids. We have increased from 5 to 8, with the 3 oldest having married over the last few years. What a blessing to have 4 of them serving with us in Cambodia! They have left the potential for making money in the USA in order to help Mom and Dad be able to serve the needy here. It is our fondest desire to see all our children following the Lord and raising godly families.



Updated: April 15, 2020

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