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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


May 2022

Subtle changes, or, not so subtle...
1. Sihhu Alliance Church has made a request to the Taiwan Alliance Church Union that Eric Jian be made the head pastor for our Mission church plant here. That means that Don will be Advisory Pastor. We already feel a sense of change in how we are interacting. Change of roles means we will be even more "coaching" and "mentoring" than taking the lead in decision-making and ministry. Please pray for the congregation and pastor couple to continue to develop deeper trust, mutual caring and reliance on God together for what is ahead.
2. The Taiwan Field (Mission) has chosen Fungyee Lam and Don to lead as dual Field Leaders for the next year beginning in July. There are already discussions and meetings preparing for this transition.
3. Interestingly, it seems helpful that as both Jians and Kramers work on transition, we are having deeper conversations about what it looks like and how to do it well.
4.One of the most precious transitions is the choice someone makes to proclaim that they are leaving their old ways and following Jesus. What a privilege to participate in Eric Jian's mother's baptism on Easter.
5.Taiwan did a good job of keeping Covid out while the population became vaccinated. Now there is a gradual loosening and Covid numbers are rising around the island. We know this is nothing new to you who have been living this scenario already. People fear for their children, and have a lot of fear in general. Please pray for safety, courage and peace to continue doing what God puts before us. Pray for our church to have God given creativity, purpose and power to still reach out and grow.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Thank you for praying. In the past few months we've had new faces at church.

1. She's the mother of a 6th grader and a preschooler (classmate of our pastor's son). She teaches English and joined several events. She prayed a prayer to begin her journey with Jesus and she needs to know that He will heal her of past parental wounds. Pray for W.
2. Two of her sons are in Christian Dawn drug rehab centers, one north, one south. Her daughter-in-law and two grandchildren are with her in her home. Our pastor and wife can understand in ways many of us can't. Pray for the Lin family.
3. She saw the new red cross on the church and visited. The complication is that she has been doing studies with JWs over the phone. She was thrilled to have us visit and pray with her. She's been watching the local Christian TV station. Pray for Mrs. D.
4. They moved into a new house down the street from the church. Three elementary and preschool children. Their mother is originally from China. It's enjoyable to have them join in our Sunday School class because they are interested. Pray for the Wu family.
5. Another mother and young son were introduced. She received the Lord up north and has returned back here to reconcile, she hopes, with her ex-husband. It's more complicated than it sounds. Pray for LYJ and family.
As you pray for these hearts to turn to Jesus, please also ask the Father to work in the group of believers who are already in Sihhu Church:
1. To personally grow in their own relationships with God.
2. To bond closely with one another, but remain open to newcomers.
3. To develop ways to interact with and reach out to these new seekers.
4. To pray for opportunities to share what Jesus has done in their own lives.
5. To have hospitable hearts and sacrificial willingness to be light and salt.



Updated: May 14, 2022

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